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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I answered my own question

Don't you hate it when people ask your advice about a simple decision, and when they make their decision it is perfectly clear that their mind was already made up (or the answer was right in front of them)? Earlier today, I posted on the Tightly Knit boards that I was thinking about starting a blog, but wasn't sure if I was going to go the paid route (typepad) or the free route (blogger). About an hour after posting said statement (which was, in effect, me asking people what they thought I should do), I came to the conclusion that it is best to start with the free, and if I don't like free's limitations, go with the paid. If I start with the paid and decide I don't want to keep a blog (because really, who wants to read my thoughts? Is anyone even still reading?), then I would have wasted $4.95 a month on something I despise. Considering I already waste $35 a month on a despicable cellphone that I never use, why should I waste more money?

So, here I am. With a blog. Kinda funny, isn't it?


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