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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Queen of Unfinished Objects

I'm almost 1/2 done with the second "mouth" of my second pair of Later Gator mittens from Stitch n Bitch Nation! Which means I'm almost done, which is great because they are a Christmas present. I don't think I will see the recipient until after Christmas, however, as she is out of work and out of town this week. Her mom died. Her dad died about 2 weeks ago. A week before that, her cat died. It's been an awful holiday season for her, and I hope to give her a little bit of cheer.

The first (finished & wrapped!) pair of Later Gator mittens are also a gift. I took pictures and will post when I get a chance to figure out the picture hosting deal here.

I'm also still working on "Hopeful", a pattern I bought here:

I started this in mid-August. Really. In the meantime, I have knit a couple of hats, and now 2 pairs of mittens. And I recycled a thrift store sweater by felting it and making a pair of mittens, a hat, and a scarf out of it (pics coming soon). But still, I should have been done by now. I had a couple of mess-ups on it, though, and had to put it aside because I was so disgruntled I couldn't face it. The first mess-up when when I had to create the left front, and right front of the sweater. You are supposed to knit until it is 12" and then start some shaping. I realized, much, much later, that one side was 12" and one side was 11.5". When I realized this, I forgot how to knit. It was traumatic. Because it is in the underarm, and I hope no one will see it, I picked up some stitches (which, oddly enough, don't look like poo-poo -- see my comments below on picked-up stitches) and added the extra half inch after the fact. There's a bit of a seam, but my underarm should cover it, and believe me, nobody looks at my pits. If they do, they deserve to see whatever they see.

The second mess-up is something I am still not sure what to do with. I do alright if I have to pick up every stitch, but when I have to pick up every other stitch, it looks like poo-poo. It has holes. I am going to have to figure out a way, after the fact, to disguise that -- creative weaving or whatnot. I already think I will turn the collar, which should hide some poo-poo-ness. I'm reluctant to post a picture until it's done, and then only if it looks good and not like poo-poo.

I have a couple of sewing projects on hold too! Lesseee. . . a red-and-navy-blue houndstooth skirt to go with the above Hopeful-ly-not-poo-poo sweater, a black and silver psychedelic check velveteen dress that is turning out to be just a smidgen too small (a started that one over a year ago! Cheers!), my Sophie purse (made last summer, lined it, then took the lining out to re-felt and haven't re-lined it yet), an orange paisley summer dress I was attempting to make without a pattern, inspired by the women's gorgeous dresses in Matango (aka "Attack of the Mushroom People"). I have at least one purse I started over the summer for the Etsy shop that never came to fruition (it's not too late, is it?), and I think that is it.

I think I had dubbed Thanksgiving weekend as "Turn UFOs into FOs weekend" and failed miserably. So, therefore, I am not even going to *mention* things that I wish to make.


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