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Friday, December 30, 2005


After four-and-a-half-months of trials and tribulations, lots of (fake) blood, (real) sweat, and (oh-so-real) tears, make 1 stitches that became yarn overs, making one side of the front longer than the other and forgetting how to knit in the process, picked up stitches that looked like poo-poo, and a strange tension change when I switch from circular to straight knitting, I give thee . . . HOPEFUL!

I may re-block it to make it a little longer and leaner looking; it makes me look a little barrell-waisted when I'm actually not. I made the 2nd-smallest size it came in, but my two-sweaters-made experience leads me to believe that sweater patterns run big. And yes, my gauge was correct.

I know I look a little doggy in that picture, so here's a recent pic of me with my hair done nice and with actual makeup on. I didn't crop it because Zelia was in the picture, looking cute but blurry.

And because I simply can't get enough of how cute my cats are, here's a picture of Zelia playing with a felted toy I bought from Woolarina ( at the Bazaar Bizarre. It's a stylized mouse (or so she said), but I thought it looked like a striped, felted sperm and therefore felt justified buying something I could make. Plus I liked her and liked her yarn (I bought some of that too).

The yarn I bought isn't on her page, and I don't have a pic handy. Maybe I'll wait until I have a gauge swatch done, or better yet, a finished object.

Ta ta, and happy new year!


Blogger lori said...

I just came over from Craftster b/c I became obsessed with the guitars in the picture!!

I just skimmed through the posts you have up and wanted to say hi and welcome to blogger (I'm a blogger too!!). "HI!!"

I really like the alligator mitts too... they have a great grin to them. Sort of like you don't know if they're going to cuddle up or bite you!

12:17 AM  

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