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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little Bit Better Today

Even tho' I think I'm getting sick (more on that later).

Yesterday's post was so gloom and doom, but my attitude has changed overnight. Instead of making myself miserable over that what is inevitable, and what I cannot change, I decided to treat every day with Solvie as a gift. She is still eating everything we put in front of her, and then looking for more, and as long as she is eating she isn't in immediate danger. ZMrK's co-worker asked if we had tried giving her some catnip (think: medical marijuana for cats). We tried it last night. She has a shoebox lid that she always "takes" her catnip in -- it's got lots of scratchmarks with old catnip embedded in them. I took out the box lid and the bag of catnip, and out she comes from under the bed, looking very very interested. She didn't play at all, or scratch, or roll around like the used to do, but she sat in the lid while I gave her a nice bit of grooming (she purred the whole time). While we ate dinner, she lay down in the lid and eventually took a little nap.

I'm hoping for many more days like this.

As far as the "infectious" part of FIP goes -- yes, there is a possibility that Zelia can get it. More cats get hit with the coronavirus that causes FIP and recover than get hit with FIP -- in fact, FIP only infects a small percentage of the cat population (if I read the pamphlet about it correctly). That being said, "older" cats (over 10) have been found to be a little more susceptible (as well as cats under the age of 2 and cats with weakened immune systems). Zelia is 15, and recently got a very clean bill of health from the vet (complete with senior blood work and everything). Please keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up with TWO teminally ill kitties.

Now on to me (warning: major grumpiness ahead) . . . I think I'm getting a cold. I went to a fire warden meeting for my building today and got one of the last seats in there. It was directly under an A/C vent, blowing cold air down the back of my neck. The meeting lasted about an hour. It took me about as long to get warmed up again. Then I got on the train tonight -- crowded, as always, and I was one of the last people on so I had to stand in the doorway*. The A/C was on, blowing on me. Once the train emptied out a bit and I could get in out of the doorway, it wasn't half as bad.

I hope you understand this. I was assaulted by air conditioning twice in one day. It is November, it's Boston, and it's currently 53 degrees F and raining. Who the fuck ordered the A/C on anyway?

So, maybe there will be a day in my near future that I will be at home, knitting and hanging out with my cats. If it turns out to be tomorrow, and you are one fire warden short for your drill -- well, next time don't blast the A/C, fuckface.

*Oh, and to the bitch who got on at Copley: I stepped out of the train to let people getting out of the train get by, not to make way for you to push past me to get your precious ass on the train. I was courteous. Maybe you should learn how to be.


Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

Finally catching up on my bloglines - so sorry to hear the bad news. I hope that you have some good quality time with her. I would be beside myself if I knew that one of my cats was dying. Hugs to you and both of your kitties.

11:57 PM  

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