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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogstalking: Movies!

Well, I think I'm a couple of weeks late with this one, but here is my post on my movie collection! I'll have to put it into two separate posts because Blogger only lets me upload so many pics, and I'm too lazy to upload them onto Flickr and link to them.

Let me warn you right now: we like horror. A lot. And generaly cult/exploitation film. Chances are, we have half the films that MST3K (and before them, Elvira, Mistriss of the Dark) goofed on, in their original form.

This first stand is all of our French films (top shelf, even though I think one of them -- Crazy Love -- is Belgian) and other stuff below it (such as a bunch of Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, and William Castle stuff).
This is part of the shelves above our TV center. ZMrK built these. You can probably make out our Ray Harryhausen collection, all of the Universal Monsters collections (except for the Creature from the Black Lagoon ones, because we have possibly better releases of those), a bunch of stuff from Mondo Macrabo (they put out weird, weird stuff from all over the world)M the Dawn of the Dead box set, Freaks, and in the middle of it all, Powder (???).

TAPES! Yup, we still have lots of VHS tapes. Some are old "big box" that have such great cover art, we don't want to get rid of them. Some are signed. Others are things that either haven't come out on DVD yet, or we just don't want to upgrade. This bookshelf also has our "music" DVD. Our Blind Dead box set is on display on the top shelf (near the pics of our cats!).
This shelf is in the library, across from the books. We couldn't fit the Mexican Wrestler Mask with our Mexican film collection, but it fits on the shelf with part of our Italian collection. I'm not sure which country we have the most films from, but I would say our top 3 would be Italy, the UK, and the United States. Any Mario Bava fans stalking my blog? Dario Argento? Lucio Fulci?

Here are the other shelves of our Italian collection: most of the Dario Argento stuff is on the top, with Satan's Crate and the dentist's mold of my teeth (with rubber eyeballs stuck in the middle). We really like Italian horror films.
The top shelf is all our Mexican horror!!! Most of it is Lucha movies (Santo vs. the Vampire Women, etc.), which are really good fun. Some of the films, especially the ones from the early 60s, are downright creepy! Curse of the Crying Woman is one of the creepy ones; La Bruja is too.

Bottom shelf is our TV stuff: Seasons 1-5 of Buffy (in our reality, Tara never died, Buffy sacrificed herself to save the world, there was never a cheesy Buffy-Spike romance, and lame-o Caleb was never the "big bad". Although he was probably less annoying than the friggin' mayor was), a bunch of Brit Coms (Father Ted, Absolutely Fabulous, Coupling), the entire run of Strangers with Candy, all the Family Guy, and Pink Lady and Jeff!

More TV!!! Outer Limits, Night Gallery, Avengers, Freaks and Geeks, Planet of the Apes, Tales from the Crypt, CKY, Kolchack, Lost and America's Next Top Model! (and other stuff I can't read and forget what it is. . . )
One of our faves: Dawn of the Dead. On laserdisc. Signed by pretty much everyone involved in the film. I had to include this because it looks so nice on our wall above the Dick Ayers original art (remember him from last May?).
There is so much more I did not get pictures of: our laserdiscs. Our comedy section -- admittedly, it doesn't take up too much space, but our John Waters is in there, as well as our Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The whole bookshelf beneath that Dawn of the Dead laserdisc, which has the Peter Cushing and Paul Naschy collections. I'm sure there is more! Sometimes I have to ask ZMrK "do we have [insert name of film here]" or "which movie is the one where [insert death scene here]". Movies are as important to me as yarn.

Which brings me to the closing photo: me, in the afternoon of September 24, after the Boston Knit-Out and Crochet Too, sleeping off my yarn hangover:

Everything on my lap and near the cookie monster looking pillow are the freebies we got. The WIP is my Tempting II sweater, which is DONE! I'll take a picture of that soon -- maybe tomorrow.


Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha!!! Yarn hangover!!!!

And c'mon, I loved the Buffy/Spike hook up! I would have tapped that vampire ass fo' sho'!

6:23 PM  
Blogger Sachi said...

I've just checked and... how do I say this.... We might be twins. Sam Raimi, Buffy, Ab Fab and a ton of books... not to mention the knitting and the whole Outer Limits thing.... and the music... Yeah. I'll ask my mom when I see her because I think we're twins.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I love your movie collection (not to mention its impressive size). Hey, if you want to have somebody over to do movie night/afternoon/all day, I'm pretty close! : )

That's a great yarn haul. Until I saw your picture, I didn't know there was such a thing as a yarn hangover. But it seems way more peaceful than the other kind. You look quite happy.

10:27 PM  
Blogger karmellah said...

hey, the only time ive ever liked Buffy as a character was when she was with Spike....although I enjoyed her in Hush because she was quiet....

1:04 AM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

You are totally one of the coolest people I know.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Other people will only say they want to roll around in yarn. Ahh!

10:49 PM  

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