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Saturday, September 02, 2006

For Sachi's Viewing Pleasure. . .

Here's the whole drumkit. . . Ludwig kit, Istanbul cymbals. . . HEY! That husband of mine set it up righty!

Well, we have to fix a hole in the wall behind the kit before I can get playing, or the neighbors will be HATING us. There's a 5-foot space in between our house and theirs. There used to be a dog living in there, and whenever I started playing, the dog would start barking. Now someone different lives there, and I don't think I've played since they moved in.

We also have to pad the drums, so they won't be so loud.

It'll be great to own our own house, preferably with a basement or a smallish room we can soundproof and I can play unpadded. Preferably without other houses attached to ours.

In order news, I just pulled the trigger on some solid sock yarns from Cherry Tree Hill, available through the Labor Day Sale here. I wasn't planning on buying more yarn, but what the heck, eh? I'm still considering one of their grab bags of "orphans" for $30/lb, but I probably won't do that since I have so many one-skeins lying about from fiber fests past, and Oooh! Rhineback is coming up!

I think I've committed myself to going, so maybe I should try to find a hotel in the Catskills region.


Blogger Sachi said...

Heeheehee! Mmmmm.... Istanbul..... M likes!

Yarn is great for stuffing drums. And fiber for spinning is brilliant.

2:21 AM  
Blogger ZMrK said...

Can I go to Rhinebeck too? Pleeeeeese?

4:53 PM  

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