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Friday, September 01, 2006

Neglectful Blogger!!!

That's what I am! My last update to the blog was 8/21, eleven days ago!

I'm trying to catch up on my blogging while I engage in a little pigment restoration. I haven't dyed my hair in a while, since perhaps June. I was going to try to let all of the old color grow out, but since my natural haircolor is about the same shade as an aging field mouse, I got really frustrated and decided to dye it. I just kept looking at my hair and saying, "that looks like CRAP CRAP CRAP!". So, after work today, I went to Sally Beauty Supply, which was out of my normal color, which is "light natural golden brown" or something like that, which turns a dark, rich brown on me. Instead I got "light red brown", which I hope doesn't turn my hair purple. I use a deposit-only color, which does not lighten your hair at all, and I think some of the colors turn out darker than they should on aging field mice. It's been on about 20 minutes, which means I should wash it out soon.

I came across a pet peeve of mine while in Sally: people who use shopping carts when they don't need them. Who needs a shopping cart in Sally Beauty Supply? Really, WTF? The aisle are pretty narrow anyway, and this person had a couple of things of product in her cart, and a small bag from Dots. So annoying. And she had it diagonally across the aisle, so it took up more room. Really annoying! Am I just being petty here -- I know it didn't cause me a major inconvenience, and when I said, "Excuse me", she moved it a bit, but why did she need it? I felt like an idiot taking a basket when I only bought two things. Okay, let's move on to talk about what I have done in the past 11 days. . .

8/22 was ZantiMisterKnit's and my 3rd wedding anniversary! We both worked, so the celebrations did not come until later in the day. We had reservations at our favorite local restaurant, Helmand, which has Afghani food and is fabulous. Their flatbread alone, with the three condiments to choose from, is to die for (but truth be told, the best of those three condiments is definitely the "green stuff" -- it seems to have cilantro, pine nuts, and a teeny bit of crushed red peppers and who knows what else). I'm addicted to their "vegetarian special" -- it's got a little bit of everything: sauteed spinach, eggplant, okra, this really yummy baked pumpkin, all surrounding some pallow rice. Delicious, especially with a glass of their house Merlot (but, of course, everything goes with Merlot, and I can feel the skin crawling on all the purveyors of fine wine who read this. Wait. Do any purveyors of fine wine read this? My old roommate Joe used to drink Wild Irish Rose, and not ironically. My wine of choice is the $2.99 Charles Shaw from Trader Joe's, although once in a while I will splurge and get something "fancy" that's about $6.99, like Yellowtail. I used to think that you HAD to spend at least $15 to get a decent bottle of wine -- HA! But I will admit, I do shell out $15-$20 if I'm buying wine to bring to a party, and about $20 or more for my hair stylist's Christmas bottle.) So, this is my plug for the Helmand. If you are in the Cambridge area, check it out; it's right near the CambridgeSide Galleria. I think the tab was $36 pre-tip, for an appetizer, two meals (vegetarian, which are cheaper), a glass of house wine, and a Diet Coke.


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