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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Job!

I start my new job today!!!! I also am going on their summer outing (a booze cruise) with them tonight! What a way to start off!

I couldn't finish my breakfast today because of stomach cramps. They seem to have righted themselves, but I had cramps when I interviewed at this place 3 weeks ago. I then thought they were "Vinnie" (as in "Vinnie's Tampon Case") cramps, but it turns out they weren't. I think it was just nerves. I hope it's not my body telling me something is not right, and my brain not listening -- know what I mean? That kinda psychic thing people have? It's just nerves, right?

My other thought was that Charlie and Slick (the turtles from my last firm) gave me a good-bye present of salmonella, but I think I would feel worse than this if that were the case. By feeling worse I, of course, mean that I would have explosive diarrhea. It's my understanding that, when one has salmonella, one knows it. It's like food poisoning and then some. Or then LOTS MORE.

Keep good thoughts with me in the coming weeks that this job turns out to be what I think it will be! (My former boss said he is not hiring anyone into my position for at least a week in case I want to come back. Which is a little foolish because right now there is only one secretary in the office. I'll have to call her to make sure she is okay.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salmonella is a wonderful way to lose weight, if you don't mind sky-high fever and a week of uncontrollable bowels! I lost 15 pounds in a week on the turtle-licker diet!

4:37 PM  

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