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Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Post in a While!

Dear Blog,

I've been neglecting you lately. I hope you forgive me.

See, there's been a lot going on a Chateau Zanti. My job search was taking up most of my time. I was going on interviews during lunch and after work, and researching potential employers to arm myself with questions. Interviews are historically difficult for me. I can be very quiet if I don't know a person. I come across as reserved, at best, and disinterested, at worst, in interviews. Time and time again this happened to me -- either I hated the place I was interviewing at, or their decision would be that my personality didn't "fit". One really twatty HR person kept rolling her eyes at me as I was talking -- am I really supposed to NOT be put off by that?

That all seems to have changed yesterday, for yesterday I had the Best Interview Ever. I was on my game -- I researched the firm, and researched the practices of the two attorneys I would be working for. I felt good, in spite of the massive cramps that threatened to bowl me over. (Oddly enough, they aren't around today, so perhaps I was nerves after all.) My interview went on for TWO HOURS, and when I got home, I got an offer! Which of course I accepted!

A few things will change. I'll have a longer commute that won't allow me to walk to work, but the MBTA stop is connected to the mall that my new building is connected to. That means that in crappy weather, once I'm on the T, I'm on. Because I get on the first stop, I should have a seat and should have plenty of time to get up on my (much neglected) reading, and possibly some knitting (although I find knitting on the T to be awkward, unless I have a single seat). I'll be working close to the Boston Public Library, which means I will be reading LOTS. I'll also have a Saks Fifth Avenue practically in the same building as my work, as well as a Sephora. Damn good thing I'll be making more money. There also will be a different LYS near my work (but Windsor Button won't be too far).

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the South Station SnB anymore.

My new place has to run background checks before everything is finalized, so I won't be giving my notice until mid-week, which will get me out of my current firm around the 9th or so.

On to crafting, though, shall we???

Today I finally finished the back of my Vintage Knits Lace Camisole.

I don't know why it's backwards; I did flip the picture you know. Just tilt your head to the side and look at it, k?

I cast on for this on July 5. It took me 2.5 weeks to knit 12 inches on size 2 (ribbing) and size 3 (pattern) needles. I just cast on for the front and have knit 3 rows of ribbing on the size 2s. I may have to start something on larger (size 8 or so) needles just to have something to switch off to, but I'm afraid that this will end up unfinished for a while. The pattern is easy to remember, so it is a good knit while watching TV. I can also carry on a conversation while knitting it. I may as well carry on, especially since I have been taking crochet lessons at Spark Craft studios in Somerville. I've only taken one of two classes, and the teacher is a great woman named Kristen. I'm the only person taking the class, so it is a great one-on-one instruction and we get to chat while I learn. Spark is a great place, and they always have cookies.

I've also been doing tons of T-shirt recons lately. Okay, I did three. And I have one in progress, which I really should finish. And I intend to do a couple more. That counts as tons, right???

Here's some photographic proof:

Can I please say something right off the bat: It looks as though I have a HUGE stomach here, and I don't know why!!!! I'm not pregnant, nor have I developed a taste for Budweiser. I was wearing my bathing suit under this outfit, and the skirt (which is a drawstring) was hanging down a little low, and maybe I was standing swaybacked or something. I should have taken a sideview so everyone could see that I haven't let myself go to pot (so to speak). All obsessing aside, I should talk about the shirt: the Hate Bombs were one of my favorite bands for a while. They existed in Orlando, FL from about 1992-93 until 2001, but they still have shows once in a while in Florida. They are also friends of mine. I have had this shirt since about 1997, and not to be gross, but it was a little sweat stained. When I was looking through the Generation T book, one of the halter-type recons seemed like a good idea for this shirt. It's a little loose, but perfect for a bathing suit coverup, as long as my gut doesn't show.

My next two are "Youth, Size L" t-shirts I picked up at yard sales recently:



I like the starkness of just the Mickey head silhouette. When I was in high school, I had a classic grey Mickey Mouse ringer T, with him standing with his hands behind his back, one foot seeming in mid-tap. I reconned that one to give him a mohawk, leather jacket and combat boots. I used sharpies. This was around 1984, and I wish like hell I had pictures of that shirt. What a genius obnoxious little punk rock girl I was.

This isn't directly lifted from Generation T, but I took ideas from different projects in the book. I had ZantiMisterKnit mark a spot on the back of the shirt right above where my bra hits, so I would know where to end the "V" on the back. I cut down the sleeves to make it a bit fluttery and took a tiny bit off the bottom.

This one may be my favorite:

I really liked the image of the cheerleader jumping, and when trying to figure out what I can do with this, I spied the t-shirt with ties in Generation T. I made the ties from the bottom of another t-shirt -- a red one, obviously.

The quality of these pictures kind of sucks, but I didn't feel like modeling them and having ZMrK take the pics. I don't know why as he's always happy to do it. Maybe I'll have him take pics the next time I wear these t-shirts. I wore this one to Puffy AmiYumi, by the way.

I took the picture from the side so everyone could see that the team is the Bridgewater Badgers. Bridgewater is in southeastern Massachusetts.

I know I have fans of the reviews, so heere's the Week 28 AND Week 29 (I told you I've been busy!) Review of the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar patterns.

Monday, July 10 -- Necktie Scarf. This doesn't move me much. I think it's the yarn used; it looks like it's knit with hairballs. I think I'll pass.

Tuesday, July 11 -- Stuff Tank Top. Not bad; nice colors. The yarn looks like novelty yarn, which I am not 100% opposed to. I'm not certain I would wear it, however.

Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13 -- Lacy Vest. I'm generally not that big of a vest person, but the close up of the pattern on this may have changed that. The detail is SO gorgeous! I'm not sure how I can work a vest into my wardrobe, but I think I may look into this. It only takes 4 100g balls of worsted weight yarn, as well!

Friday, July 14 -- Miniature Pullover. This is really cute -- it's exactly what you would think! If I had tiny amounts of baby yarn I may try this.

Saturday and Sunday, July 15 & 16 -- Asymmetrical Turkish Stitch Poncho. Um, hmmm. You all know how I feel about ponchos. The Turkish stitch is interesting, though.

Monday, July 17 -- Blues 'n Greens Teen Top #1. I think this is pretty cute. Luckily for me, it can be made in my size (even though I'd probably make it a little longer). I'm working to be the world's oldest teenager.

Tuesday, July 18 -- Bump City Bag. A bag made with "bumpy" cotton, the purl side has a bumpy texture and the knit side is smoother. Pretty cute, and would make a nice little spring/summer bag.

Wednesday, July 19 -- Extended Twin Rib Dishcloth. Nice pattern that I'll have to try sometime. I could use another dishcloth, as I love the one I made last year.

Thursday, July 20 -- Maria's Cardigan. I don't know if it is the color (hot pink!) or the lacy texture of this, but this may be one of my favorites this year. The yarn used is 70% silk, 30% wool, which doesn't hurt. I've been thinking about meshy cardigans and this just might fit the bill. Maybe I'm just getting lace crazy?

Friday, July 21 -- Panorama Socks. I think it goes without saying that I like these. I'm afraid to make something in a size called "Ladies' Average", because that means it'll be too big for me. I'll have to size them down for my own little feet.

Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23 -- Fresh Tank Top. I'll definitely keep this one around, as tank top patterns are good to have. I'm a layering type of gal, so I like to wear tank tops with cardigans, under suits, etc.

I'm hoping to be a better blogger from now on, so please keep on loving me, dearest blog!

xoxo. . . Zanti


Anonymous pam said...

I've been T-shirt recon'ing as well! Yours came out great!! It gets so addictive!!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

congrats on the new job!! woo hoo! i'm sad we won't be able to knit together anymore. oh well... i'll still check in on your blog. :-)

9:23 PM  

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