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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Okay, so I did it (again)

I signed up for another two-month pledge at Wardrobe Refashion.

I waffled over this one. One, the new job could mean new clothes -- not that I need new clothes, but it's a good excuse. Not to mention there's a lot of stores near my new job that are less traveled by me. The good news is that two of them are Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, two VERY expensive stores. In other good news, I haven't been excited by most of what I've seen at any clothing stores lately, so fuck 'em.

I have bad clothes-buying habits that I need to break. One, I like to shop off the clearance racks. I've found some great bargains off these racks, but it's not really a bargain if you have nothing to wear with it. Two, I like to buy in quantity -- one in every color, if you will. Why? I don't know either. I do that with many things -- books, cds, yarn, etc. I buy beyond what I need.

I have lots of mis-matched stuff at home. Unfortunately, this goes for yarn and fabric too. I need to get to work at streamlining my wardrobe to be MINE, not the clearance rack at Marshall's, not Ann Taylor's, not anyone else's. Just what I want, and how I want it. That's why I took the pledge (again). I once read it takes 30 days to form a habit, and I have to admit that I have broken the habit of going into clothing stores on my lunch break. I've bought more books than normal, though, but guess what else will be near my new place of employment? The BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY. So there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, if I can curb my DVD habit, we're home-free!!


7:16 AM  

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