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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Let's look at a couple of patterns here, shall we?

Monday, August 14 -- Napkin Ring. I thought it was beaded, but it's just knit on gold metallic thread. We don't have cloth napkins here at Chateau Zanti; we just tear a sheet off the paper towels when we are eating. It's classier than shirt sleeves.

Tuesday, August 15 -- Raggedy Cropped Jacket. I haven't quite formed an opinion on this yet. I like the shaped, and the lapels that are buttoned down, but I'm not sure if I like the yarn (or the colors). I might like this in a more solid color.

Wednesday, August 16 -- Fan-Shaped Facecloth. Hmm, if I ever get around to making soaps, these would be nice to give with them, wouldn't they? It looks like it would take about a 1/2 to make as well, and it's cute and not a typical rectangle. Let's hang on to this one.

Thursday, August 17 -- Abalone Silk Bag. This is a pretty nice n simple bag, and the yarn used reminds me of banana silk. I'll have to check out some recycled silk someday; I just want to be picky because I think I have heard of some kinds having weird stuff in them, or an odor, or something. . . I guess I should shut up 'cuz I don't sound like I know what I'm talking about.

Friday, August 18 -- Barb's Twizzle Baby Hat. Cute colors and cute little twizzles on top of the hat! It reminds me of Regina's hair in the "Users are Losers" PSA commercials from the 80s. I just tried in vain to find it on YouTube. I can't find the "stop, drop and roll" commercial either. Stupid YouTube.

Saturday/Sunday, August 19 and 20 and Monday, August 21 -- Rib and Cable Top. This is pretty nice, and is kind of what I need for next summer -- nice tank tops to wear with my work clothes.

So, that's it for this week's review! I'll come through with a real post later on!


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