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Saturday, August 12, 2006

It feels like fall here. . .

and it's only August 12! I know there are people who love this weather and are seeing it as a "relief" after the steaminess earlier this month, but I rather like having a few months of steaminess and would rather see this weather next month. The temperature on our desktop reads 65 F. I think that's a little cool for August, but would love it to be this temperature in, say, December. It's days like these that I realize how much I miss New Orleans.

This does help me get my knit mojo back though, or at least get me thinking about knitting.

Here is the much-overdue Pattern-A-Day calendar review. I've transported the calendar to home, and will probably keep it at the computer desk. I also hope to review daily, so I can be a good blogger and update daily. We'll see. . .

Monday, July 31 -- Lace in Ribs. One of those nice "all over" patterns. It would probably make a nice scarf, you know, one of those scarves that doesn't really keep you warm in the winters in Boston, but that you can wear in your freezing cold office as an accessory. Oh, have I mentioned that my new office isn't much warmer than my old one? I need a space heater. . .

Tuesday, August 1 -- Surveyor's Bath Matt. Proof you can knit with almost anything, including surveyor tape. If I had some lying around I would do this, or if I discovered it is way cheap. I have no clue how much stuff like this costs.

Wednesday, August 2 -- Stella-Poncho on the Run. You won't believe this. I think this is kind of cute. Of course, it is nothing but a shawl that you don't have to wrap around you to keep on, but it is really elegant looking. Maybe I would make this and just not stitch it up and have a shawl. I've been thinking alot about shawls lately; maybe it's time for me to make a Clapotis.

Thursday, August 3 -- DragonFly & Fizz Lengthwise Knit Scarf. I've got some Fizz somewhere in my stash, but haven't used it yet. This scarf looks like a cross between a Muppet and a feather boa, and I mean that in a good way (if you can say that in a good way).

Friday, August 4 -- Brady's Bucket O'Balls. Tongue twister! It's funny, and is something to do if you really want an ice cream bucket covered with knit and filled with knit balls.

Saturday/Sunday - August 5 & 6 -- Varsha-Girl's Tank Top. Another one of those cute girls' tank tops. It looks like it has a checkerboard pattern at the waist.

Monday, August 7 -- Sari Openwork. Nice, breezy summer tank top, preferably to wear with something underneath because it's kind of see-through. My basic white cotton top is near the end of it's life -- it has some kind of stain on it -- so maybe I should think about making another.

Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9 -- Crazy Eights. Something to do with leftover sock yarn! Save enough of 'em and you can make more socks! I'll probably end up doing this once I make all the socks I have sock yarn for. . . I'm really broody for some sock knittin'.

Thursday, August 10 -- Book Cover. This would be really good if you want to read porno (oops, erotica) on the train and don't want anyone to know. It's worked on a knitting machine though, but it can't be that hard to figure out.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 11, 12 and 13 -- Striped Teen Top #4. Probably not something I'd make, but it's sure cute! I love the colors used: turquoise, canary, cameo, pistachio. I may have to look up the yarn company (S. R. Kertzer, -- no time to check them out right now though).

So, there's my over-opinionated review of the past two weeks of patterns. I know it was long overdue.

In knitting news, I've been slow because there is so much going on in my worklife. I have about 5.5 inches done on the front part of the vintage lace camisole. The pattern changes after 7 inches, and it is going painstakingly slow. I have a cashmere cardigan that I can wear over it for when I do finish it. It should be a nice work outfit. I also started some baby booties shaped like frog feet for my hair stylist. She's due in a couple of weeks (Sept. 2, I think). It's a fast knit, but the first one looks a little like poo-poo. Or at least the picked up stitches do. I have enough yarn to work with, so if the 2nd one comes out good, I'll make another that looks just as good. Then I'll make a hat.

I've also been learning how to crochet. I took classes at Spark Craft Studios in Davis Square, Somerville. It's a great place to learn; the maximum # of people allowed in the class is 6 and it was just me. The teacher, Kristin, is a great gal and we have had fun crocheting and gabbing. I'm hoping to get to Spark more often; it's a great place. I completely forgot they are having a big sale today, for the tax-free weekend. Oh, did you know this weekend is a tax-free weekend in MA? I don't really have anything I need to buy, but maybe I'll go to Border's and pick up the latest Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits, because both have things in them that I like.

I was able to leave my old job Wednesday evening without bawling my eyes out. I damn near started crying when my boss came by to say goodbye. I sent an email around but didn't wanted to come around to say goodbye, 'cuz I knew I couldn't without the waterworks starting. I almost snuck out of there, but the receptionist came out to give me a hug. Damnedest thing -- here I was, getting what I wanted (a new job, and to leave my old job), and I was about to cry over it. I think I'll still see my old co-workers, because many of them are friends. Shit, I was there for five years, so of course they're friends. My new job has been great for the two days I have been there (yes, I started on Thursday, the day after ending my old job). I got an AMAZING bouquet of peach roses and sunflowers from Winston Flowers (v. expensive florist shop!) as a welcome gift, and went on the summer outing that night (with ZantiMisterKnit). We were all picked up in a double decker bus and transported to the piers, where we boarded a double decker boat and had food, drinks, and dancing all night. And people really got down and danced! What a loose bunch (in a good way)! I think it is a good sign with the managing partner plays drums with the band (and is good). I was pretty busy Friday -- not insanely busy, but busy enough -- and look forward to the same next week. The only downside I can see is that the building is terribly cold -- even the attorneys complain about it. But, whatever, I'll get a space heater and dress appropriately. It's not as if I have to schlep from the train station in the summer, or in the winter. I only have to get to my local T stop, and then the train takes me directly to the Prudential T stop, which is connected to the Mall, which is connected to my building -- so I don't have to go outside! Yay for easy commutes! Yesterday I was a 1/2 hour early, so I got off at Copley Station and walked down Boylston Street. The atmosphere is so much better there than it is in the Financial District. Instead of hundreds of people hurrying to get somewhere, there were people sitting outside Starbucks having their morning coffee, nice wide clean sidewalks, and just a nice atmosphere. It reminded me more of Manhattan than Boston. I think I could easily get annoyed with the mall, because it is alway busy and almost everyone is jellynecking in the store windows and not at where they are going. And it's not like I'm going to go insane and blow my paycheck at Sephora, right? Ummm . . . well, anyway, I think it will be nice, especially while the weather is good. There's a gorgeous courtyard in the back, and it's pretty close to the Christian Science Center with the reflecting pool, which is a gorgeous, peaceful place. It's also right near John Fluevog. Not that I'm going to go crazy and blow my paycheck on shoes, right? It's also near Newbury Yarns, but not that. . . oh, okay. I will shop there. I also know that Winsor Button is open late on Thursdays, so I can go there to get my yarn fix. And when I'm finished reading the books I have in our library, I can go to the BPL. I think I'm gonna have fun.


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