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Monday, August 21, 2006

Macros Revealed!

Thank you everyone for playing the Knitty Blogstalking Game with me!!! Here are my reveals from last week's assignment, "Macros":

Nobody got this one correct. I got all sorts of answers, ranging from "mold" (ewww. . . I hope nothing in my house is this moldy!!!) to "the skin on a guinea pig" (which I find quite amusing, and really want to go look closely at a guinea pig now. But no, it is neither. It is. . .

A close up of a sunflower!!!

This is one of five sunflowers I got in the gorgeous bouquet of flowers I received on my first day of my new job. It fit in perfectly with the assignment.

People at least came close with the next one:

It is a little bit of a stumper, and kudos to my dad for saying that it looks like a skull when I zoomed in on it. But alas, it is not a skull, and I cheated a little because it is not something in my house. It is. . .

A tortoise's snout!!!

Jo, Catherine, and cpurl17 all came close in their identification; whereas nobody came out and said "tortoise snout", the word "snout" or "nose" was in there.

I hope people had fun guessing!

This week's assignment: Will it float? I have no clue what objects I will select to see if they float or not, but I won't be using the loo to test them because they are all things I'd like to keep in the house, I'm sure.


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