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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Princess Tinkle Tush!

I have discovered that I have a co-worker who pees on the toilet seat. I cannot begin to tell you how annoying I find it.

True -- there are six stalls in our bathroom, and I can and do always just go into another stall rather than clean up someone else's tinkle.

True -- it could be worse. At my former job (which topped all for fucked-up people), someone once shat on the floor, stepped in it in her high heel, and tracked it all over the carpet. Pee-on-the-seat is at least a common occurrence, one I have come to expect and look out for, unlike shit tracked all over the carpet. There's a reason I don't have dogs, or children: I don't want shit tracked on the carpet.

Back to the pee though. What kind of person thinks her hiney is so pwecious-wecious that she cannot let it touch a piece of porcelain that is probably cleaner than many people's kitchen sink? This bathroom is freakin' clean. I scared myself last week because I could see my reflection in the tiles on the wall and I thought it was the ghost from Ju-On. It gets cleaned at least twice a day. How many of you clean your bathroom twice a day? I don't think I clean mine twice a month, except for, you know, cleaning the litterbox daily and little spot cleaning here and there as needed. Can you actually get any sort of freaky disease from sitting on a toilet seat? Even if you don't have an open sore on your buttcheek? In my opinion, it is the pwecious-wecious princesses who sprinkle all over the seat that make conditions unsanitary.

On to other things: I'm still wearing my pedometer and have taken more than 9500 steps today. That's twice as many as yesterday! Penny Karma asks: I want to get one of those things. What features are good to have?

Well, I went with the basics: it just tells me how many steps I have taken and how many miles that translates to. Prevention Magazine did a feature on them, and I went with the Digi-Walker SW-401 from New Lifestyles for $24.95. I have no idea if they are all created equal; maybe you could pick one up for much less at Marshall's and get the same results. It seems to be pretty accurate; sometimes when I count out 20 steps it reads 20, sometimes 19, sometimes 22. The bottom line is that it is making me more aware of how much I am moving, which has to be a good thing, right?

Speaking of moving: we just did Pilates and it kicked our asses! At least it kicked my ass, ZantiMisterKnit may not feel it until tomorrow. We've got to get that hole in the wall fixed so I can add drums to my workout.

On another post of mine, Jennifer (who has some very cute pugs on her blog) asks: what kind of yarn is that? the colors are AMAZING!!!!
Jennifer, I think you are referring to this picture, right? If so, the yarn is from Handpainted Yarn on eBay. It's a soft merino wool, similar to Malabrigo but maybe a little thinner, and it's shipped from Uruguay. With shipping, it comes to about the same about of $$ as buying Malabrigo from a store. It's allegedly great felting yarn, but it's so soft and mushy that I wouldn't want to felt it. I just want to pile it up and roll around in it and go to sleep.

Oh, yeah, I'm a little stalled on that sleeve. I haven't knit too much in a few days. I haven't sew in over a week -- I have pattern pieces all cut out and ready to assemble, and that's it. I need a kick in the ass!

I need a glass of wine.


Blogger Bezzie said...

Thing is there's something about dog and kid shit that's not as bad. Ok, don't get me wrong, it's bad, but when it's "familiar" shit it's a smidge better. Does that make disgusting sense?

We used to have a coworker that didn't wash her hands afterwards. And like good women, we all talked behind her back about it in the office!!

7:57 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

glad u like the pugs and thank you soooo much for the ebay info...i think there are at least two hanks that i HAVE to buy!! thanks again and love your blog, by the way :)

6:17 AM  
Blogger Barb said...

ooh, I'm so thrilled to find someone who uses a pedometer. I haven't used mine as often as I used to, but I got mine based on a recommendation from I got the Omron HJ-112. (
It's a great one, and it's got 2 pendulums, which make it amazingly accurate. You can pick them up at Walmart in the pharmacy section and they're less than $20. Although I will say that if you like yours and it gets you moving, what else do you need? Cool blog, I must visit more!

4:41 PM  

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