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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Movies, part II

So, here I am with two more photos of our movies! I apologize for how crappy these photos are. Let me know if you have any questions on anything!

This is our Asian collection (top shelf). We have lots of J-Horror (and some K-Horror too), as well as Toho and Toei films from the 60s and 70s. The pink box is the "Pinky Violence Collection". I was a little afraid to get into these because I thought "pink" referred to a woman's body part, but they're not the kind of movies I thought they were. They're awesome. There is, of course, nudity, but it's mostly women kicking ass. My favorite one was "Terrifying Girls' School". It was like "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill" combined with one of those women in prison movies that Pam Grier starred in, except with smaller boobs. It may turn into my favorite genre.

The bottom shelf is mostly US stuff (I think). "May" stands out the most to me in this picture (its to the left of "Pigs"). If you haven't seen "May", do so. I'll warn you -- it's pretty gory, but it's great. It's about a lonely girl who can't seem to find a friend who is perfect, but all the friends she makes are made up of "perfect parts". I think you can guess what happens from there.

The top shelf here is all of our Hammer films (and British films in general). I think we have every Hammer film available. I especially love their period pieces because they turn out such gorgeous sets and costumes. And the actresses usually have big boobs. Yay boobies!!!
I know I'm missing so many of our movies!! I don't have our blaxploitation corner represented here either. ZMrK is going to be so disappointed. Maybe someday when we're watching something, I'll take a pic of the TV screen for y'all.

Well, I have to get dressed because KBH is here and we're going to take some photos in Mt. Auburn Cemetary and go to Octoberfest (maybe!).


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