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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fuzzy Feet Got Sole!!!

I had made some fuzzy feet back in May, and they were still a smidge too big for me. I decided to refelt them when I felted the cat bed. I then realized that I had worn out the soles a little bit, so what's a girl to do?

How about taking a thrift store sweater you had felted many moons ago and using said sweater to resole these fuzzy feet?



Side view:


I admit it's not the best sewing job, and the soles are a little warped, but they are SLIPPERS and nobody will see them except those I let inside my home (and um, whoever is looking at this blog, I guess. . . ) I sewed it all on by hand, which took a couple of hours. I did the first one while sitting on the floor (ugh), but decided that I could be social while sewing in the second one, so I went into the knittyboard chat room so I could chat while sewing (*waves to anyone who was in chat while I was sticking myself with needles*). So, now they fit better, are a little bit cushier on the bottom, and are warmer to boot! Not a bad deal, eh?

Since I have already mentioned the cat bed, I guess I should post the picture of Zelia using it the way it was intended:


Pretty cute, huh? Those little friggin' white socks KILL me. They just kill me with their cuteness.

Remember Solvie's near-death experience? Well, I think she's feeling better:


and the best picture EVER:


Timing is everything, folks.

Let's get a little bit closer:


Cats are hilarious.

This is how her eyes look when she plays:


Seriously, I didn't doctor that photo except to crop it. She got all crazy-eyed on me.

Well, my Flickr account hit a brick wall. I reached my 200 photo "free" limit, so my oldest photos are hidden. I can either delete photos, or upload to a "pro" account for $24.95 a year and have unlimited capacity to upload (rather than the 100MB a month the free account gets). I'd also be able to organize my photos more, which will help. What do y'all think? Does anyone out there have a pro account, and do you think it's worth the money? I really do like Flickr.


Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

If you could photoshop out that piece of yarn in your favorite shot, she'd look like a not so benevolent dictator.

I feel the same way about Somerset's chin that you do about Zelia's socks.

BTW - love how the fuzzy feet look all sedate on top and funky on the bottom.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so ingenious! I just bought leather soles, but we have hardwood floors. Nothing like falling all over the place to make one detest a pair of slippers, no matter how comfy.

Your kitty is a lovable cuddlecritter. That's why kitties get whatever they want. They run the show.

5:36 PM  

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