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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crafty New Year!!!!

This is my cable-knit hat that I made this weekend. I was confused at first on to how to make cables (see my earlier post), so the actual cables don't start until about 6 rows after they are supposed to. Instead I have a really wide rib.

The pom-pom was a lot of fun to make. Mike made the "donuts" out of cardboard for me (sweet hubby!) and was amazed with the way pom-poms are made.

The scarf was my first project, although I finished Mike's "Rosa" scarf before I finished it. Her name is Natalie. My knitting has improved since I made her (over a year ago), but I still love her. I may put white fringe on the ends, however, to add the white and tie the colors together.

Last night I started mittens to match. I'm on a crafting frenzy!!!!

Oh, yeah, I made the sweater too. I blogged about it on Craftster a while ago:

It was cold today when we walked to the mall, and even though the sweater is a loose knit, it's pretty darn warm, especially with a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath.

Just to prove I'm not only a knitter . . .

Last week, Mike was cleaning his t-shirt drawer and was about to throw out a bearded dragon t-shirt that was stained. I told him I would take it, to wear to bed and whatnot. What Mike didn't know is that the crafty wheels in my head were turning:

As soon as he left for Stop n Shop yesterday, I ran upstairs and started work, cutting up this t-shirt, sewing it together, stuffing it, and the grand finale, the incredibly saccharine lavender bow:

Mike had a bearded dragon (Velcro) for over 9 years, and he was a really special buddy of ours. He died a little over a year ago. He would not have tolerated us putting a lavender bow on him (although I believe Karm used to put bonnets on him). That is exactly why I put the lavender bow on this bearded dragon, to push this craft over the edge from cool into incredibly retarded.

Do you know anyone who has a bearded dragon stuffie with a lavender bow on it????


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