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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

Just woke up from a 2.5 (or so. . . ) hour nap. If I end up an insomniac tonight, I'll post my good ol' week's review.

The Malabrigo sweater is 99.6% done. It needs a couple of snaps put on and the buttonholes need to be tightened. Blocking may be in order as well, depending on how happy I am with it. . . so far I am of course not 100% happy with it, and wonder if I am even 90% happy with it. We'll just say that I didn't pick the best pattern for my first run with knitting a vintage pattern, and I should have picked something much less shaped. I will do a real post, with pictures of me wearing it as well as a picture of the original pattern, when I am ready to.

We had a rescued iguana for the weekend, and passed her along to the RI Iguana Society. We saved her from euthanasia but didn't have the means to keep her. I will post a pic of her, as well, as her incredible overbite afforded us the opportunity for some hilarious pictures.


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