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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weep and Shool Festival

We just got back about 45 minutes ago from a looooong day --- left here around 8:30, got to the MA Sheep and Wool Fest around 11 (we made a couple of pit stops, as we never met a yard sale we didn't like), stayed there a couple of hours, went and got ice cream, and went to the Windsor State Park and did several hours of hiking, had a small snack and took a couple of hours to drive home.

I'll post pics of the loot later. It's not the yarngasm that the NH Sheep and Wool was, but I got some really (!) bright (!) mohair in hot pink and lime green (one skein each). These will probably become lacy scarves. I got four skeins of Cascade 220 in Jade for $2.50 (could! not! resist!), my gorgeous hubby bought a skein of purple Wool-Ease for a buck (he wants a purple hat!), a catnip toy for the girls, a square of foam for needle felting, and we split the cost on a bar of Lemongrass Mint goat's milk soap (I'm a big sucker for homemade soaps). Like I said, pics later.

The hiking yielded lots of herps: three toads, more red-backed salamanders than we could count, two efts (a first for me! They are sooooo cute!), some kind of tree frog/peeper (we think), possibly a Jefferson's salamader, and a really pissed off garter snake (but surprisingly s/he didn't bite or musk us. S/he was really angry, however). No turtles, but we kept a look out. No bears either, but we may have found some wild bear shit in the woods. No kidding.

I am going to have some dinner now, at which point I will probably pass out on my plate. Reminds me, I should have some beer or wine with it.

Oh yeah, it was actually HOT today. Glory be!

xoxo. . . A


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