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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sheep and Wool Fest, and Secret Pal, Goodies!!!

I finally took some pictures of the fiber I purchased at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend!

I took these indoors, because we lost our sun and I thought it was going to storm. Lo and behold, now the sun is out, but I've already showered and am in my PJs (which are summer PJs, and therefore not suitable to wear out on one's front lawn unless one would really like to get the neighbors' attention!).

Here goes!!!


This is 2 oz. "mohair with some sparkle". Purchased at MA Sheep and Wool, 2007, I think from Fantom Farm. This photo shows the purple accurately.


Here is another 2 oz. "mohair with some sparkle" (black/copper sparkle instead of white/silver). The purple is this is not as accurate.


500 yards laceweight cashmere from Just Our Yarn. I'll tell you; photos do not do this yarn justice! For one, you can't touch it (which is what sold me). I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with this. It will definitely be something that goes next to me skin -- like a really special scarf or shawl.


I couldn't get good macro shots today. Sorry!


Again with the crappy macros! This is Spunky Eclectic Super Nova yarn in Diet Coke. I don't care how much he protests, this is going to be socks for ZMrK.


It's only his favorite drink in the whole wide world.

I also bought some really soft organic cotton to play with:


I have found many cotton yarns to be really stiff to work with. This fiber is super super super soft! I'm curious to see if it stiffens up when it's spun.

That is it! Really! Last year, I went nuts at the sheep and wool fests, buying tons of stuff. It's been brought to my attention by someone that there seems to be more yarn coming in than there are finished objects being posted. And now my stash hutch is filled to capacity, which means I'd best get my little fingers moving!

But! I do have an enabler!

Check out the Secret Pal package I received in the mail yesterday!


Oh yeah!!!! That's some Pirate bandages, 2.5 mm double pointed needles, a sweet card for ZMrK and me, some dark chocolate with orange, and two skeins of Regia sock yarn!

Yarnus Regius:


Not to be confused with Python regius.

(Warning: snake photo ahead).

That is. . .

Yarnus Regius,


not Python Regius:


(Oh, and I realize people have expressed concern about the pictures of Sunny with the cats. . . the cats aren't in danger, really. First of all, they are too big for her to eat; second, they are very well supervised when she's out of her very secure tank. I just want to clear that up, in case anyone thinks I'm putting either of my pets in danger. They're safe.)

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Blogger weezalana said...

I must be tired, because when I read, "you can't touch it," I thought, "well, how on earth are you supposed to knit it?" :P Yeah, you can't touch the photos weez.

That cotton looks SO freaking soft!

12:39 AM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Who would want to eat a cat anyway? I'll bet laziness is catching.

Love that mohair w/sparkle!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Macoco said...

That's some great yarn - I also ended up with some great Spunky Eclectic when I went out.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

Yarn, fiber, snake... I'm about to have a fit from looking at all this fabulous stuff (and critter).

5:37 PM  

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