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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CT Sheep and Wool Fest!

Way back at the end of April, ZMrK and I went to the CT Sheep and Wool Fest. We had gone before, and it's really easy to find. They do make it a little bit easier, however:


It's a pretty tiny festival, but really nice. Some of the things they have for the "kids" are these silly sheep photo ops:


For the kids. Yeah. Right.


(I think I look like Cyndi Lauper in that photo! Weird.)

We met Mr. and Mrs. Lindydiva (finally!) and got along with them so well it was scary. We do need to make plans to go have a day of lunch and thrift shopping with them.


I was trying to dig around to pull out my loot when the camera went snap. Truthfully? I like the pic that way!


It wasn't as chilly as our clothes make it seem. In the sun, it was very nice.

The purchases:


8 oz. Corriedale from The Sheep Shed @ Mountain View Farm. ZMrK purchased this for me. It was incredibly cheap ($12.50!) and really gorgeous.


I think this was from Spin-A-Bit, but I've lost their card. It's 4 oz of a nice lavendar heather wool batt. I don't even recall what the wool content is, but it's soft and should spin up nicely.



I had to take two photos, but you still can't see how lovely it is. It's 4 oz of Coopworth, Merino, and Silk in a Turquoise and gold colorway. There are streaks of metallic gold in addition to the yellow gold in there. I may try some sort of "art yarn" with it and ply it with gold metallic thread.

I also purchased 4 bars of soap, but don't have photos. I'm addicted to handmade soaps!

I know this is a bare bones post, but I drafted it something like two weeks ago (current date is Tuesday, May 27). Don't worry; there will be more posts coming!

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Blogger Trillian42 said...

Hee - that gorgeous lavender batt TOTALLY looks like lips!

Or maybe that's just me...

2:13 PM  

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