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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Step into my parlour. . .

et cetera, et cetera.

Well, I've got a few pictures of the new house. Would you like a tour? Come on in.


First floor (actually 2nd floor of the building; the first floor is another condo, owned by our plumber) has a huge L shaped living room/dining room combination. The walls were painted peach, which we didn't object to, but they were in desperate need of a touch-up. For one, someone had previously touched up the walls in some spots with a different color. The peach that we ended up getting was a shade or two lighter, and didn't have primer, so we needed a couple of coats to get it to take.


This is the dining room. The first time I saw the light fixture, I thought it was absolutely hideous. By the time we had been in here a few times (for the inspection, and for the final walk-through), I liked it more and more. One problem: Mike and I have both hit our heads on it. Luckily, it should be above the table, so that shouldn't be much of a problem any more.


The kitchen is pink, tan and brown! Odd combo, yes. The pink was already there, but we did a touch up, after de-greasing the walls and countertops a bit (ewwww). I have issues with the idea of touching other people's footstuffs, which made my brief waiting career a bit of a challenge.


From the kitchen, there's a little window that looks into the dining room. We'll get to play "diner" with that, and yell out things like, "Chickpea curry's up!" "Salad's up!" Maybe we need a little bell there.


Okay, the first floor bathroom is my pet project and I am having a shit load of fun with it. It all started with Mike finding the trash bin with the black cat on it. He said, "It's dark purple, and will look good in the light purple bathroom." Somewhere from that it was decided to make that the "cat themed bath room". I found the rug that goes with the trash bin. I have also found a black cat toilet paper roll holder (which I haven't photographed yet) and a black cat towel ring (which is still on its way).

A few other pieces have added to the fun:


A vintage (probably 1940s or early 50s, judging by the style of the art, although it's in such good shape it may be more recent than that) tin tissue box with a black cat! That was an eBay find.


The icing on the cake -- a cat light switch plate! This isn't vintage; I have discovered that one can find a switch plate with practically anything on it. If you can't find it, but can find the image you want, a good printer and some Mod Podge should do the trick.

Time to go upstairs, right?


There is a landing between the two floors that is like another small room in itself. Friends of ours who live in an identical townhouse across the parking lot use theirs as a reading nook, with a big comfy chair that's, well, it's like a bean bag but much classier, and a book case. It gets great light through that window.

Mike repainted all of this without me, so I don't have the right to comment on how much of a pain in the ass it was to paint the really high parts. Thankfully, we had an extender for the rollers, and the plumber let Mike borrow his ladder.


This is the 2nd floor bathroom. I repainted it all, and I later had to scrub the heck out of the tub because we were using it as our clean up spot for all the rooms we painted. Standing on a step ladder and cleaning above those lights sure sucked. Those things get really hot.

We call this "the contraption". It was there, but was badly in need of being cleaned and repainted. It had rings from shaving cream cans all over it, so we're trying to figure out what to do to avoid that. We'd love to find some sort of lacquer to put over the paint so it can be wiped clean, but for now the shaving cream can can go into a beer cozie.


Notice the walls are peach all the way upstairs too? It ends in the hallway up here. By the way, this is the linen *cough yarn cough* closet. I've already put cedar planks in each shelf. It's even bigger than the yarn hutch!


Our bedroom is pink and has a huge walk-in closet. I feel really happy when I'm in this room, which is good, because I'll be sleeping in it soon.


The second bedroom, which is our library. Mike and his friend Eric put down that laminate floor last weekend. This room is now filled with all of our books, DVDs and videos, all on the shelves Mike had put together for our current apartment.


Again, you can get switch plates with ANYTHING on them, such as this zombie pin up.


Outside the library window, there's a robin's nest. I'm not sure if the babies have hatched yet, but it should be soon.

Are you ready for the third floor? It's a bit scary. We haven't done a thing to it, except for spackle some holes up and vacuum.


The stairs up to the third floor show the start of the yellow. It's not a terrible yellow, though.


Okay, photos don't do the fug justice here. This is what Mike was calling "the angry room". It's less angry now, because we got a better light bulb for it, and also because we have a plan. We're going to work with the yellow. We're going to add a red stripe, and some teal, and give it a Mexico theme. Last night we purchased a light switch plate with a loteria card for El Corazon on it, and we got a loteria tissue box cover. We'll add some Day of the Dead items (we may get a shower curtain, if a local store gets it and we like it), and do something with the floor tiles (which are gross linoleum and just. . .gross. Gross and old).


There's also that door above the tub that leads up to the attic crawlspace. You need a ladder to get up there. Those things are creepy. I've seen enough horror movies to thing so.


This room is the fug that we don't think we can work with. For real. Those red walls? They were painted over dust, or were painted while dust was flying off the ceiling fan. I'm not lying. Those walls are full of little bumps that catch dust, and when I tried to use a Swiffer on the walls, those little bumpy bastards shredded my Swiffer! We're going to sand the shit out of those walls, prime them, and repaint in a minty green. In fact, the color I like the best is about the same color as the "Disagree" avatars on Ravelry, which amuses me.


If you look into the closet, you'll see the room used to be blue. I have no clue why it was repainted red. Oh, and you can also see some of the cable wires. There was illegal cable and phone jacks in EVERY room. It was crazy.

Thank you for coming on today's tour! It was great showing you around! You may go back out the way you came in!

Until next time. . .

xoxo. . . ZantiMissKnit

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