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Monday, August 17, 2009

These Socks Go to Eleven

That's exactly what I am calling this project on my Ravelry project page.



This is the gorgeous sock yarn I purchased from this etsy vendor last month. I wasn't sure what I wanted to knit with it -- I did look for a pattern called "Angels" because I wanted to call them "Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin" with a rock and roll nod to the Runaways, but alas. I also thought about knitting Monkey, but, to be honest, I don't really like the way really wildly colored yarn looks in that pattern. So I knit up a swatch and let that be the deciding factor.

Hmmm. . . it will knit up in very thin stripes. Aha! A Chevron pattern would be perfect!

So, even though I did knit up some socks in a Chevron pattern before (and they sure were wild), I decided to knit them again, but better.

And the name? It's a reference to Spinal Tap, of course!

I'll leave you with some other pretties -- some vintage knitting, crochet and tatting magazines that I got at a yard sale the other day for a quarter each!


Here are a few that I picked up at Brimfield Antique Fair last month:


Don't envy me too hard.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full of Fail turned into Full of Win!

I feel so full of fail right now. Not only have a barely blogged this summer (summer? don't you mean YEAR???), but I finished my socks two weeks ago and haven't posted them yet.

I hope to now turn that fail into a WIN!



Gratuitous Ellie shot:


Hopefully I can gain some readers back by posting cute kittie pictures.


It's never not funny when Luciano does this. He looks like a cat skin rug. Or a leaf gecko. I can never decide which one.

He does Pilates too:


And delivers the smackdown to his poor big sister:


The funniest part of that picture? Ellie's face!!! She looks like she's thinking, "Holy shit -- here it comes!" I've seen her give him an unprecedented wallop a couple of times, though.

Last Saturday's brunch was also full of win:


I'd weigh a million pounds if I did that every week. We only go to this diner on the way to one of our hiking spots. For the record, it's the "50s Diner Special", which is 2 eggs any style, choice of 2 meats, home fries, choice of a short stack of pancakes or French toast, and a bottomless cup of coffee for under $9. I've never finished it.

Another win is putting grapes in your cheeks and lips and taking funny photos:


It's really hard to do without cracking up, and thus looking like the Cowardly Lion:


A cute baby, laughing and trying to grab at your camera -- that, too, is full of win:


Okay, so I was going to post about some crazy internet drama (relating to the Yarn Harlot, Ravelry banned members, Sock Summit, stalking, moebius panties, etc.) that is full of fail, but decided to turn my post into one that is full of happy things. So there, drama llamas! :-p

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