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Friday, November 05, 2010

Ye Olde Rhinebeck

So, I went to Rhinebeck again this year. Is that a big surprise?

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!


The foliage, as usual, magnificent:



I was feeling pretty excited:


Of course, there was yarn:


My camera (the second digital I've own) is on the fritz right now. It does this weird thing where it turns itself on and off repeatedly, and the only way I can get it to stop is to take out the battery. To tell the truth, I've never been 100% happy with this camera, but got it because I didn't think I was ready for an SLR.

Don't get me wrong - this camera has taken some INCREDIBLE photos, as evidenced above. The best photos it has taken have been in the best possible situations - bright, natural sunlight and, usually, without zoom (although our sister blog will show that some photos with zoom are great). It is not so great at indoor shots with flash, particularly yarn pr0n and project photos, which is why I took so much of my stash and projects onto the porch at our old house. I need to figure out where the best place will be in our new house, and fully acknowledge that the neighbors will ALL think I am crazy. I should just bite the bullet and bring it all to the Arboretum, so all of the Rosi/JP area knows I am nuts (or will want to knit with me).

Holy shit, I just totally digressed there, didn't I?

Hey, guess what? I was able to take some good photos of needlefelted artwork:



Oh, I love the duck!


Dragon already looks pretty bent.


I thought the needle-felted budgies were adorable! I think pet birds in general are very cute, but don't think I would have the patience to own one. They are a little too noisy.

I really want one of these heads:


Obviously, Mike did too:


(As an aside, I wish I had taken a card from that vendor, since she had the MOST LUSCIOUS CASHMERE YARN EVER!!!!! There was a red-and-white mitten that I put on, and thought that I never ever ever wanted to take it off. It felt so good that it gave me dirty thoughts.

There were, of course, llamas:




Not to mention Rubberneckers:


Okay, WTF? Why didn't I get a group photo of the Ravelry Rubberneckers meetup? Am I an idjit or what?

There was baby-melting acrylic:


There was also a Bewb Hat:


There is also an EPIC .gif of the Lotus Bewb Hat, but you have to be on Rav to see that one.

A few of us met for dinner, and there was lots of fun and not nearly as much drunken revelry as would be expected:


We did get some real-time Rubbernecking in, as a woman was on her cell phone most of the time we were there, yelling at someone (presumably her daughter's date, but I'm not sure) and putting on quite a show.

Mike and I took in breakfast the next morning at the Eveready Diner -- better than any hotel breakfast!




When we went to take out money, I discovered that the bank lobby had no ATM (although it had a card-swipe to get in):


This is why I don't play poker.

As usual, we were goofy as shit:


Which is why we're married.

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