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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bad Habits and Good Purses

I have a horrible, disgusting habit of biting my lower lip. Not in a cute, Lolita-ish sort of way either (although I don't think a 37-year-old woman can ever be Lolita-ish, however short I may be). The kind of biting I do results in lots of dead, dry skin on my lips and cancre-type sores on the inside of them. This is too much information, isn't it? I decided that I must stop doing this, so last night I told ZMrK two things:

1. Whenever I get the urge to bite my lip, I need to put chapstick on. One of the reasons I keep doing it is because they are dry!

2. Whenever ZMrK sees me biting my lip, I owe him $1.

I haven't had to fork over any money yet, but I have caught myself doing it a couple of times. Stupid lip. Stupid teeth.

It doesn't help that I feel like caa-caa lately. Just when winter is truly over and I am getting over my Seasonal Affective Disorder (this year's was a real doozy, kids), the pollen shows up. I'm still tired, but it's not the same kind of tired as the tired I get from SAD. I am sniffly, though, my eyes itch, my throat is scratchy and my throat glands are swollen and sore, and I am always thirsty. But I have more energy and I feel less depressed. Maybe in a few weeks the pollen will be gone and I'll be back to normal, whatever that is.

I wanted to post more about purses. The other night, Blogger was down for maintenance so I posted several things to Craftster. Among them was a close-up short of the turtle appliques from the red corduroy bag I posted yesterday. . . this is to make Catherine even more jealous than she already is. ;-)

I have other plans for this turtle fabric . . . ZMrK wants one for an applique to cover the Stussy logo on a thrift-store jacket he bought. It's a great jacket, but he hates logos! I also want to combine it with denim for more purses, and maybe some zippered pouches and wallets. Hopefully they will come out good and sellable, because I really don't need more purses and wallets.

I also posted a purse I made in MassArt's Imaging on Fabric class back around 2000:

The fabric is some sort of crushed-velvet that I believe I got at North End Fabrics (which was not in the North End, but in Chinatown) before they closed (I'm still sore about that one). It's thicker, so i think it is upholstery fabric. The picture is a great technique I learned that I would love to start doing again called Polaroid Transfer. My dad has about 4,000 slides from the 1950s - 1980s. This is from a picture he took of my mom in the late 1950s, when they were dating (she was about 19 or 20 years old here). I have a Polaroid printer that belonged to my dad that can turn slides into prints -- the trick is to open up the print before it develops, put it face down on a piece of fabric (white cotton preferably), go over it several times with a roller (a braiser? Something like that. . . I used a rubber roller with a handle that i've used to flatten polymer clay), and you have an image right onto the fabric. I put the image on the front of the purse (probably using fusible interfacing, but I don't know how knowledable I was back then), and hand-beaded the border.

Here's a detailed picture of the image with the beading. It's not crooked on the purse; the purse was hanging at an angle when I took the picture, so it came out crooked.

The beading took me about 10 hours to do. I watched a lot of movies while working on it, one cold winter. Each corner has about a dozen cobalt blue larger seed beads, and the rest are these irridescent, multi-colored seed beads. All in all, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The purse is on the smallish size, but I still use it on nights out when I only need to carry a few things.

I know everyone is waiting to read that I made myself a Tokay purse just like the one I made for the Reptile Lovers swap. And I did!!! I used it a couple of Saturdays ago at the reptile show in Manchester, NH, but didn't get the reaction I had hoped for to it. A milk snake tried to crawl into it, however. . . at least someone liked it!! Without furthe adieu, here are some pics of it:

I made little pockets on the size (big enough for the chapstick I need to apply every 5 minutes or so!), and put my Zanti Miss Knit label on the pocket that would face the world. . . good technique, right??? I really love the bug fabric I used for the lining. I used the last yard I had of this for one of the pillowcases I made the other day. . . the remaining scraps I have may become appliques.

The purse is HUGE. More of a tote bag than a purse, I must say! It sure comes in handy while knitting socks -- I was able to carry all my usual purse-stuff in it, along with my project AND my notions bag! Woo hoo!!!

I'm sure you've noticed the time of this post -- I'm covering reception at work. For some strange reason my profile will not load up here, so I can't access my work email or iManage (the system we keep our documents on). I usually browse Craigslist for homes in Central Florida (where we hope to move soon), or browse eBay for vintage patterns, yarn, or vintage clothes, but today I decided to be productive (at least for my own means), and blog. I've been up here for 40 minutes and the phone has not run ONCE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bit your lip 10,000 times! Pay up!!

At least your Tokay purse isn't biting your lip... that's be quite painful!!

5:41 PM  

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