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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar Week 14 Review

Here's the Week 14 Review of the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar patterns.

Monday, April 3 -- Spring Melody Child's Socks. I would love to resize these as adult socks! But this direction scares me: "String 450 glass beads onto yarn." I had a heck of a hard time keeping track of the 150 beads strung onto the yarn for my Odessa hat; I went a bit googly eyed after a while. But these are SO. CUTE.

Tuesday, April 4 -- Opening Night. Look for a finished pair of these on this blog very, very soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 5 -- Indulgence Pullover. This is a pretty nice, simple sweater accented with novelty yarn at the cuffs, collar and waistband. I think it could benefit from some shaping, however -- the model is very slender, but I think the sweater could become box-like on someone with hips (that's always been my problem, at least).

Thursday, April 6 -- Absolutely, Positively Reversible Scarf. The chart for this is pretty intimidating (yeah, yeah, I know. . . I need to just make something with a scarf and face my fear!), but I am really intrigued that it uses only ONE 220 yard skein of yarn. The yarn used is alpaca, and is available from I checked out the site, and they have some lovely colors, but their yarn is a little pricey. I'd probably buy one skein from them to make this scarf though.

Friday, April 7 -- Absolutely, Positively Reversible Scarf continued . . . More scarf charts here. I just took a good look, and there is a chart for a narrow scarf and one for a wide scarf. So it's a two-scarf pattern!

Saturday/Sunday, April 8 and 9 -- Adult Bonnet with Angora Trim. I don't think I'd wear angora this close to my eyes -- I get some serious eye-itching from bunny fur. I don't know if I'd get made fun of or if people would just think it's cute, but I'd still wear it (with something substituting the angora).

That's it for this week! BTW, Opening Night is DONE. . . they just seriously need blocking and then, photos!


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