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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I cast on, and frogged the Odessa hat today. I'm using a gorgeous 100% cashmere moss green yarn (Malaku? something like that) that I got for Xmas from ZantiMisterKnit.

I cast on the #4s, did the ribbing as instructed, and started going into the pattern. I wasn't sure if I was doing my YOs right, and then, on the third or fourth YO, I realize I wasn't. . . okay, I've only done a couple, maybe I can just start doing them right on the next round. . .oh, wait, shouldn't I be using the #6 needle by now? Oh, yeah, the #6 . . . okay, why don't I UN-knit back to the beginning of this round, then start again doing the YOs correctly and using the #6 needles as instructed. Okay. This is going okay. Wait, what's that? Looks like I may have dropped a stitch about 6 stitches back. Let's just slip these over to get over to pick up that dropped stitch. . . Hoo. That stitch does not want to come back up for air, does it?

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Piss.



Blogger nittineedles said...

I just finished frogging an entire lacy baby shawl. If at first we don't succeed......LOL

5:20 PM  

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