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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Craftster Swap Info . . . a Little About Moi

Swapper info

This entry is for my fellow swap-aholics to learn a bit more about me, my addictions, habbits and obsessions.

I'm addicted to creating: knitting, making clothes, purses, stuffies, polymer clay magnets and sculptures, embroidery, photography, and if anything else strikes my fancy, I will try it!

I've got street skills when it comes to: Ha! Lots of things!! I'm a bit of a jill-of-all-trades; I've dabbled in dozens on things throughout the years. I love to challenge my brain and my body and try out new things. In my lifetime I've dabbled in the following: knitting, sewing, embroidery, sculpting, imaging on fabric, and (non-crafty but important): playing drums, yoga, Swedish language, Arnus (a Filipino stick-fighting), piano lessons (I did well with my reach but don't have a good ear for it!).

I'd love to expirament with: Stenciling, needle-felting.

I'm currently or always in awe of: Nature and animals. My husband and I go out on nature walks as often as we can, and are always finding new things to be in awe of. We love to photograph reptiles and amphibians. Our most recent nature walk was in El Yunque, the rainforest in Puerto Rico, where we saw some amazing sights. I also love Mod style, Edwardian and Victorian style, the roaring 20s, European ruins of castles and monstaries. I love old stuff. I love all animals, but reptiles and cats are my favorites.

Other Personal Details: I'm a left-handed Aquarius and very, very creative. My brain is never idle. My job (legal secretary ) doesn't require much creativity, so I fill my life with it. I keep all kinds of things around my desk -- plants, photos I've taken, my Knitting-Pattern-a-Day calendar. I usually have knitting with me in case I want to stay inside during lunch, and in good weather I take it to the gorgeous park across the street from my office. I try to notice a random thing of beauty every day -- hard to do when there's grey skies and greyer slush on the ground, but that's the point where I start listening for birds. I saw two ducks the other day in the canal near my house. I love ducks!

Random Things:

Do you keep a journal/art sketch book? I keep this blog, but keep the real personal stuff out of it. If there's personal stuff that I wish to talk about, I talk about it with my husband. When the urge hits me, I do like to sketch though.

Do you have any pets? Yes, and I could never live without them! Two cats -- 15-year-old Zelia and 6-year-old Solvie, both spayed females, and a 9 or 10-year-old ball python, Sunny (the vet is 90% sure Sunny is male but we still always refer to him as a "she").

Do you have any kids *ages*? One stepdaughter, 24. She lives with her mom nearby. She also crafts (crochet and scrapbooking). I'm slowly trying to convert her to more crafts. . . mwahahahaha!!

Do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod? A really sucky Nokia cell phone that I may replace soon with a camera phone, and a really wonderful iPod (standard sized, not mini). I've been meaning to make a cozy for my iPod but haven't yet.

Do you need another random trinket box? Yes, I would! I've been saving up Altoids tins but haven't gotten around to making one yet.

Do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you? I have a few tote bags that I use for my knitting, so I don't need another one right now. I have a tote bag with a bearded dragon on it that I may recon to give it pockets and make it a big more sturdy.

Do you need a CD case/folder thing? No, I never carry my CDs with me.

Do you need another purse? I love purses and I make purses. If another craftster wanted to make me a purse, I would love to see what other people make!

What crafts do you do/want to do? I sew, knit, and sculpt with polymer clay. I love to make stuffies. I have just gotten into embroidery and love it, and have done some silkscreening, Polaroid transfers, solvent transfers in the past.

What crafts do you admire? All of them! I'm really enthralled by people's detailed embroidery work and all the great recons I see.

Do you collect anything? TOO MUCH!!!! I have a go-go boot collection, and a big collection of horror movies and horror movie memorabilia. I tend to keep what I love and have been paring down on the collector's mentality lately, but we have a house full of neat stuff. :-)


Do you wear earrings? Yes, my ears are pierced and I have no allergies there.

Do you wear bracelets/cuffs? No -- bangle bracelets tend to fall off me. Cuffs are fine, usually, and stretchy bracelets, but everything else tends to be too big. I have bracelets I got when I was seven years old that still fit me, if that is any indication of size.

Do you wear necklaces? Yes. A choker necklace on me would be about 13 inches, but I like long necklaces too.


What is your shirt size? Probably a small in men's, medium in women's/baby tees.

What is your shoe size? 6.5-7.

Would you like some clothes made for you? I don't need clothes or t-shirts but I wouldn't turn them away. ;-)


What is your favorite color? It changes!!! I love oceany colors for the spring and summer -- blues and greens, and rich deep colors for the fall and winter -- purples, reds. I always love pink and all shades. And orange, one of the most unloved of all colors.

What is your favorite color to go with your favorite color? Hard to say, but I love black/white/red together or black and white mixed with a bright color. It's very mod.

Do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with? I love reptiles and cats! Lizards are my favorite reptiles, geckos and bearded dragons especially. I also love ducks and have jumped aboard the owl-love train lately.

Do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with? Not really; I don't watch a lot of TV, just Lost, Family Guy, America's Next Top Model, Saturday Night Live and Nature (PBS). I average about 5 hours a week of TV viewing.

Do you have a favorite book you would like something made with? Not really.

What is your favorite food? Indian! I could eat it every day. Or Vietnamese. The only "fast food" I like is pizza and Subway.

What is your favorite smell? Fresh cut grass, lavender, and peach.

What are your favorite movies? Dawn of the Dead, Barbarella, Tombs of the Blind Dead. . . lots of horror and swingin' 60s stuff (I love the Frankie and Annette beach movies too, just to show you I'm not all darkness).

Who is your favorite cartoon character? I love Daffy Duck! All of the Looney Toons, and the Chuck Avery stuff too. (ETA: ZantiMisterKnit just emailed me to let me know about my boo-boo. I meant TEX Avery, not Chuck Avery, but a Chuck Jones/Tex Avery hybrid would be quite cool, wouldn't it???)

Allergies and Aversions

Are there any colors you hate? Not really, but some pastels make me look washed out.

Would you dislike receiving items made from animal products? I think fur is icky; I wouldn't mind recycle leather or suede but I wouldn't want any roadkill art. Wool is fine -- I have lots of it!

Is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references? I'm agnostic, so I'd rather not receive anything with religious references.

Is there anything else you would dislike? I can't really think of much. I have a subversive sense of humor so you can't really offend me.

Do you have any actual allergies? Pollen. I don't think I'm allergic to cigarettes, but I really hate the smell of cigarette smoke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I love all animals, but reptiles and cats are my favorites."

Oh my GAWD, I love you!


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