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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knitting Pattern-a-Day Week 9 Review

Here's the Week 9 Review of the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar patterns. I hope y'all have realized by now that I just copy last week's review into a new post, because otherwise I would never know what number week it is. I just had to say that, to make myself sound a little less anal.

Monday, February 27 -- Inca Inspired Adult Vest continued . . . This final page of the pattern shows the rest of the neat-o charts. I'm still not sure if I'd ever knit this vest (even as a sweater), but I do like the charts and may be able to use them.

Tuesday, February 28 -- Double Diamonds. This is another nice all-over pattern "for a stole or cardigan". These may come in handy some day.

Wednesday, March 1-- Mexican Knitting Tote Bag. This is a great, vintagey-looking bag! It appears to be knitted with a raised garter stitch row going up the bag lengthwise. It reminds me of those bags we had as kids (in the 70s) that had beads all over them (we use to bite the beads off and call them "Kenickies". . . Don't ask, I don't remember why other than many of us were in love with Kenickie from Grease!). I think this would make a nice summer tote bag.

Thursday, March 2 -- Basic Hat. Is Thursday Hat Day? Last Thursday's pattern was the "Easy Hat". I don't think I have a hat pattern in multiple weights that is ribbed and stockinette, so this just may come in handy. . .

Friday, March 3 -- Elegant Slipped Stitch Mesh Scarf. This is pretty cute, and it's done with ribbon yarn so it's not meant to keep you warm. It has beads right above the fringe too, so it is a definite "outside of the coat" scarf!

Saturday/Sunday, March 5 and 6 -- Bottom Up Circular Seamless Baby Booties. There was a crocheted baby bootie on "Lost" this week, and that's all I can think of as I type this. Baby booties are the classic cartoon way of announcing to your husband that you are pregnant. I think booties are pretty cute, and seem to be instant gratification. I wish I could get the cats to wear them. I wonder if they'll fit my stuffed frog Connie?


Blogger nittineedles said...

I'm thinking of the double diamonds for the centre panel of a shetland shawl. I have got to try those booties.

12:10 AM  

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