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Monday, April 10, 2006

Opening Night, Baby Stuff and Swap Goodness!

I'm going to run the risk of Mommabear1963 seeing her Reptile Swap goodies before she receives them. . . I will trust her not to look when I say not to, however!

First up . . . Opening Night! The April 4 Knitting Pattern A Day calendar entry, in the flesh -- err, fiber!

Yarn: leftover Makalu from my Odessa hat. I had to use less than a yard of the 2nd skein. Thank goodness I *had* a second skein!

Needles: Clover US4 circulars. These aren't knit in the round, but I used the circ 4s because (a) it's easier to use for something this size than long straight needles and (b) I had the circ 4s downstairs and was too lazy to go upstairs, remove the straights from my needle case (also made my me, so I whored myself and linked to it).

Start Date: somewhere between March 27 and April 1. . . probably March 28.
End Date: April 7

The pattern is really easy. Knitting lace takes more attention than lots of other knitting, but it is so worthwhile for the end results. I think the "star" of this pattern is the "French Edging" (the little pointy bits at the tips of these wristlets). I want to put French edging on everything now! I think that French edged cuffs on sleeves with this lace pattern would be a great detail on a sweater. Just sayin'. . .

And now on to . . .

I broke my baby-knitting cherry last week!

Don't get excited folks, it's not for me. I got invited to a baby shower for an ex-coworker, Megan, who was due on May 1st and didn't know what she was having.

I found out today that she had a baby boy last Saturday. I hope this gender-neutral baby yarn will fly. So, there is no shower, but another co-worker is going to bring her the gifts.

Baby stuff is fast and easy, y'all, but this yarn (Bernat CottonTots) made my fingers hurt! Maybe it's because I got spoiled knitting with first Malabrigo (soft as a kitten!) and 100% cashmere (soft as . . . cashmere), but I found the CottonTots really kind of stiff. It keeps its shape nicely, though -- see how the hat stands up by itself!

The hat is a modified free pattern I got on the web, knit flat on 3s and then 6s, and seamed up the back. The booties are "Cute as Can Be Baby Booties" from the book Knitting Pretty, by Kris Percival. They are knit flat on #7s and seamed up. There's also eyelets that I threaded a braid of the matching yarn (as opposed to ribbon) through. Oh, and braiding yarn WILL make your eyes cross. Really.

I'll probably make more baby stuff when given the opportunity. I was going to do some charity knitting, but heard that many charities specifically ask you not to donate anything if you had dander-bearing pets. Allergies, right. I hadn't thought about that. I'll look into a few, but if I get denied, looks like I'll just be Knittin' for Kittens.

This is the point where Mommabear1963 has to stop reading!

So, I organized my first swap on, the "Reptile Lovers Swap". Only two people joined me! (sniffs armpits, checks to see if there's something green in my teeth) Well, with less people to organize, there was more time to craft!

This is what I made (I know, I'm such a fucking little kid at Christmas; I can't wait until she receives to show off my stuff):

This is the first of its kind!!! A genuine, real-deal, ZantiMissKnit copyrighted Tokay Gecko Purse! And yes, I am making my own right now (started yesterday, right after finishing Mommabear's)! I drafted the pattern, used a nice stiff dark blue twill for the purse with felt for the eyes, mouth, and teeth. . . .

Because what is a tokay gecko without his teeth!!!

(Tokays are beautiful geckos; they're usually various shades of blue with orange spots, but they are known for their nasty temperament and are large enough to deliver a nasty bite.)

I forgot to include a picture of the lining, but I'll do that when I finish my own purse. I used a lining with bugs on it! Because what do tokays eat? Bugs!!!

I would have done cockroach fabric if I could find it. . .

Here's her other swap goodies, then it's off to dinner:

Reptile magnets made from Sculpey!!!

From top to bottom:

Green anole, complete with "anole-itude" (if you knew green anoles you would know what I mean).

Sea turtle!

Coral snake -- red touches yellow! Dangerous fellow!

I think ZmrK is finished recording, so he's gonna make dinner for me because he loves me more than everything!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent mitties! They're beauties! And I can't wait to see the reptile geeks' envy when you're toting around YOUR Tokay purse! (Show this Saturday! Hurry!)

Wow... your husband sounds like an awesome guy... does he make dinner for you every night? Wow! What a catch!


Anonymous poster...

2:28 PM  
Blogger ZantiMissKnit said...

Yes, he does, and my sweet sweet lovin' is his reward!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Horse Power said...

Your little Sculpey critters are so cute!!!! (I'm especially enchanted with the little coral snake) I can just tell they were made by someone with an appreciation for reptiles.

12:17 PM  

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