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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Look Ma! No Hangover!

I'm shocked at my own resiliency. I was up by 9 a.m., have had my breakfast and coffee, and am getting dressed and ready to go out. ZMrK has gone off to a comic show, and I'm going to meet him there and we'll go and get lunch (and maybe do some shopping).

I'm also craving Vietnamese food, in particular BUN GOI CUON. Yes, I just cut and pasted that from Pho Pasteur's menu site. I've been craving Vietnamese food for a while, and it's the ONE THING we don't have in our general vicinity. One of the things I miss about living in Allston (okay, maybe the ONLY thing), is the number of Vietnamese restaurants around there. I used to go to V. Majestic all the time. There's also Grasshopper, an incredible vegan Asian restaurant. Yum.

So, maybe we'll go to Pho Pasteur, because Chinatown may be really nutty due to the Chinese New Year. However, I'm a little interested in going to Chinese New Year because I've never been. I'm willing to bet it will be next to impossible to get into any restaurants, so maybe we'll eat on Newbury Street and head over to Chinatown. Then I can stop in at Newbury Yarns.

For now, I leave you with something amusing: pictures from Filene's Basement's annual "Running of the Brides". Enjoy!


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