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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Favorite Colors

I haven't done any blogstalking assignments in a while. This week's was to post a few things in your favorite color. That's really tough for me, because I don't have a color that I call my favorite. I don't even have color families I call my favorite. So, I decided to post some colorful photos:

Pink! I love pink. Here are a few pink anemones and corals from the New England Aquarium:




(I got a little bit of orange in there as well.)

Green! Green is another favorite of mine, especially bright, springy greens.




Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle:


You know how when a woman is wearing low-rise jeans, and her hips are pouring out over the waistband, and it's called a "muffin top"? Well, Myrtle has what we call "muffin plastron". Look at this:


We've got the blues, too:




We had a fun night at the Aquarium. It was an adult's only member's night, and there were only about 100 people there. Dinner and an open bar were included, but it was worth it to be able to enjoy a nearly empty aquarium.

The painted turtle was a great source of amusement. Most of the photos I took of him looked like this:


I have a few more photos just as blurry, but I figured I would save your eyes and not post 'em here. If you want to take a look at them, you can check out my New England Aquarium 2007 photo set on Flickr.

Meanwhile, check out the video I made of that turtle being a complete jerk to this poor fish:

Since we're talking about colors here, I figured I would include some fiber pr0n. I have a very small spinning stash, but I suppose it's big enough for a new spinner. Here's some of the fiber I bought from Spunky Eclectic right after Christmas:


I believe this color is "Atomic Melon". As you can see on the label, it's Falkland. It's very, very soft.


It reminds me of sherbert! Yum!


I don't remember the content or the name of this, but it is a nice, mellow blue:




This color is called "kites". I'm not certain of the contents:




And I KNOW this is called "hot rod".


Doesn't the bottom of this look like a bum?




I've been working with this a little bit. The color is called "hidden".


This reminds me of looking at distant mountains:


This is some of the natural coopworth I got with my wheel. It's really soft and lovely, and I have 2 lbs of it!



I got more fiber today! bluetangle from the knittyboard sent me some luciously soft, undyed merino roving from this etsy shop. So not only do I get to play with spinning, I get to play with dyeing too!!

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Blogger Zonda said...

Awesome pictures of the Aquarium! It was the first one I had visited years ago while I was in the Girl Scouts! I loved going there!

The rovings are gorgeous, I like the bum one ;)

Oh and muffin top, hehe, like that one! See them a lot around here! ;)

7:28 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Poor fish?! I betcha anything that fish was making fun of that turtle and calling him slow. Therefore, the turtle chased the fish around the playground. ;)

I love your aquarium pics. And the roving! Geez. Send me some of that yarn. haha. jk.

When I was looking at your sea anemome pics I thought of Nemo. anenome...amenememe.. :D

9:13 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Wow, your aquarium pics are amazing!!!

I like that sherbet-y roving too!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

Amazing aquarium pics!

I'm going to sleep off my fiber rush now. Fiiiiberrr!

6:49 PM  
Blogger weezalana said...

I'm overwhelmed by all the gorgeous sea colors and fantastical fiber! Eye candy galore! :)

Man, what did that fish say to that turtle?

12:26 AM  

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