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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Two Hours

I spent two hours today on Flickr, uploading photos from a trip we took in July to Friendly Farm. Thankfully I had knitting to work on while I was uploading. I need to download Flickr's uploading software. Does it work really well? I have thousands of photos on my computer, waiting to be uploaded. When I get a chance, I sit down and do some.

I've also been uploading photos as I take them.

Here are some other photosets to enjoy while it is blustery and cold out:

Puerto Rico - February 2006

New England Aquarium - December 2005

American Museum of Natural History - January 2007

Lizards and Snakes Alive! exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History - January 2007

Mount Auburn Cemetary - October 2006

Nature photos from 2006 (various locations)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest big professional association event I went to was at the Aquarium. It was right after it closed. They put up tables all around the penguins, and we had the entire building to ourselves. That was incredibly fun. We had a chance to stroll, talk about librarianship and stuff our faces while watching the penguins and looking at the fish.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Bee said...

I really need to get a pro Flickr account! I'm so in love with your set from the Lizards and Snakes Alive exhibit!

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Bee said...

I feel silly for leaving yet another comment, but I can't help it!

You live near the MOS in Boston? Do you want to hang out for a little while this Sunday?! I LOVE THE MOS! Plus, we didn't get to meet up at the Knittyhead tour of MA and I was pretty bummed about that :(

9:12 PM  

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