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Sunday, October 07, 2007

From Here to There (Blogstalking, Week 3)

This post may not be completely safe for work. I'm just sayin'.

This week's blogstalking project is "how do I get there from here?" Or something like that. It's how we get to our places of work, school, etc. It presented a little bit of an issue for me, you see, because I think (although I couldn't find anything about it on the MBTA's website) that you're not allowed to take photos on MBTA property in the post-9/11 world. I considered doing it anyway, but my train station is very crowded and I didn't want some stranger getting all in my face about taking a photo they happen to be in. . .KWIM?

First off, here's my bus stop:


Real exciting, right? I walk down the street 2 blocks to catch a bus, usually see a bus zoom down on my way down, and wait for another, which takes me approximately 2 miles to the train station, where I am dropped off with several hundred other passengers.

I thought I would get right to the good part, though.

When I get off the train, I walk through a lovely inner city park.


There are many flowers still in bloom, and some butterflies flying about.


I definitely wanted to get the morning glories:


There are some fenced off community gardens there, and I always walk by and see these tomatoes and covet them. They're been ready for so long, and nobody has come by to pick them yet!


Well, okay, some are still green, but get them off the plant and into a paper bag, already!!!!

This plant always seems especially happy to see me in the morning:


I had quite a chuckle when I noticed it. The top part of it really makes me think of this record sleeve by Pansy Division:

I wonder if Penny Karma has any Pansy Division CDs. They would so be right up here alley -- queer punk band with X rated lyrics!?! Whaddya think, PK?

Once I leave the phallic garden, I turn down one of the quintessential "postcard" Boston streets:


And I walk past homes that cost more than I've made in my whole life:


Okay, maybe they're not THAT expensive, but the 'hood is known for being pricey.

I walk down the street with my two little feet:


You know how romantic and quaint brick sidewalks look? Well, they look more like potential broken limbs in the winter when they are slick with ice. Just remember that, kiddies.

This house has a nice collection of gourds:


I especially like the squid looking one.

This is my ultimate destination:


It's the second tallest building in Boston. I work halfway up the tower. I have to cut through a mall to get into it, which is no problem in the morning, but during lunch and after work, it's a real PITA.

I do have to cross this street to get there:


I usually make it halfway across before the light changes, and then I have to wait on the neutral ground for the next light cycle. The left turn only light turns green before the straight lights, and half the people in the left turn lane make u-turns, so it can get pretty dicey there.

Symphony Hall is in that pic, on the right, in the distance, if you're interested. I'm pretty sure it's the building with the greenish roof.

My building has a really cool garden:



And our lobby/reception area strives to be arty and elegant but not stuffy:



When I took the picture of the orchid, I was thinking about telling y'all how once in a while, they change the orchids out at reception and offer the old ones to whoever wants them. I now have this orchid at my desk. I don't know how to take care of them, though. A co-worker said I need to put it inside another pot without holes, thoroughly soak it with water, let it sit for 20 minute, then drain it, and I should do this a couple of times a week and also give it some direct sunlight. My workstation is not in the direct sunlight, so I should probbly kiss this orchid's ass goodbye, huh? If I find out they are not poisonous, maybe I'll bring it home, but I need to check that out first.

This is my workstation:


Typical office monkey cube, right?

Here are my pictures:


I need to redecorate, though. I threw a bunch of pics up there when I started, but I really need to personalize things.

The coolest thing, though, is the view from my boss' office:


Fenway Park is in this photo, towards the left, and the Charles River is on the right. The highway going through it is the Mass Pike/I-90.

so, that's my commute, more or less. Sorry I didn't get any massive crowd photos at the T station, but maybe y'all should come and experience it for yourself!



Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha! We use Iron Mountain too! You wouldn't be in the legal profession if you didn't have compromised under-the-desk legroom!

7:01 PM  
Blogger Lick My Sticks said...

Ah beautiful Boston! I walked from Newbury to Park St. at 11pm last night, it was lovely.

And yeah, they get mad if you take pictures on MBTA property...we won't get into how I know that. We'll just say it involved an announcement over an intercom.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Those are great pics - I would love to walk with you on your way to work!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Morticcia said...

Forest Hills brings back 20 yo memories living off of the 39 bus. Now all I could think about was how you do that walk every day, twice a day, in those pointy shoes.

OMG my feet hurt just thinking about it.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Eryn said...

I think the shoes are fab! I've also decided I need to add a phallic garden to my butterfly gardens!

Thanks for the inspiration!

9:47 AM  
Blogger kemtee said...

I like your shoes!

5:02 PM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

I don't have any Pansy Division, but I may have to get some!

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We live on the Cape and love going to Boston for the weekend once in a while. It's such a safe city to walk. The view from your bosses office is magnificent!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Sssarahevt said...

Love your walk, I would arrive at work so relaxed/invigorated! I am 99.9% sure your plant is a phaelonopsis, and you might be able to keep it alive at work. You could google it, but to prepare you, it will be pretty for a while, then the flowers will fall off and it will be stick-plant-with-leaves for many months (this is why they gave it away). But then you can go to wallyworld or home despot any buy a new one for $9.95!!

10:52 PM  
Blogger happybunny said...

I have been reading your blog tonight and have loved looking at all that you have made and following the happy and the sad times with your cats. I have even been brave enough to follow the life of Sunny and look at his pictures even though I am absolutely terrified of snakes.
The walk you have to work is awesome - The building seems so tall. I live in a tiny village in England so it seems a far cry from here. The view from your boss's office is amazing. My partner has been to Boston on business and absolutly loved it. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

6:53 PM  

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