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Sunday, February 03, 2008

In Memory

If you are a knit-blogger, or are on Ravelry, the Knittyboard, or Socktopia, you probably know by now that Momma-Monkey died last weekend from Lupus. I'm not sure what to write about a person I didn't know in real life. I knew that Gigi was chronically ill but didn't expect her to die.

I thought she was very funny and a very talented sock designer. I loved picking out gifts for her and her kids when she was my downsteam in the Spinning Secret Pal Swap. I purchased a Monkey Bag from her etsy shop during the summer, and it has a level of craftsmanship that I don't think I could ever reach. After Solvie died, I received a gift in the mail. It was from Gigi. She seemed to be such a generous and kind person, and a great momma to her babies. She'll be greatly missed.

There are several memorial knit-a-longs happening, but this one deserves special mention, as it is a knit-a-long to benefit the Lupus Foundation. I never knew that Lupus could be fatal. I hope that in donating to the Lupus Foundation, more people can be educated about this overlooked illness.

Rest in peace, Gigi, and know that you were loved in this world by many.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was stunned as well to hear the news about Gigi this week. Her children are so young - it is not fair to lose their mom.
I read her blog.. and became very worried when all of her stuff(Ravelry too) went into hiatus..then the news.
Her wonderful patterns will live on with us knitters & hopefully, when working on them we can send good thoughts to the kids... for Gigi.
I really like the KAL you picked out.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Rebel said...

I only ever knew Momma-Monkey online, but I remember her Monkey-bags, her love of Harry Potter, and that she had two little babies at home. I'm so sad for her family. I'm glad folks are doing knit-alongs.

1:29 PM  
Blogger kemtee said...

Yanno… for someone who wasn't sure what to say, I think you did all right.

I'm already a member of that KAL, and I'm happy to dedicate myself to this month's assignment.

8:13 PM  

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