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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am SO tired.

No, seriously.

We got home from Rhinebeck less than an hour ago. Most of our stuff is put away, the cats are settled and forgive us, the new stash has been photographed and is comically squished into the stash hutch, and we're both having a beer and settling in.

It was an insane weekend. I was so exhausted today from moment one -- if you saw me and I seemed a little off, please don't take it personally. The excitement of the weekend hit me all at once this morning. Oh, yeah, and it was FUCKING COLD all weekend and stupid me forgot to bring a hat, scarf or gloves. ZMrK and I both ended up purchasing gloves, which were awesome, but my hands are still a little bit chapped.

No pics yet. I have 200 photos to upload from the weekend. Really. It may be a few days before I get a chance to. I'm going to take a bath and we're going to eat a dinner of steamed asparagus, peppers and mushrooms with hot sauce on rice, because we need to eat something super healthy right now.

Oh, yeah, it was a great weekend.

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