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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beatles Baby! (January 2011)

My dear, dear friends Lisa and Lou had a darling baby girl in March. The baby shower was in January. I used some Beatles fabric that I had purchased some time ago to make a bib and booties from the One-Yard Wonders book:


Because both parents, especially Lisa, are Beatles fans, this gift was quite appropriate for the baby.



The instructions in this book are very good, but these were somewhat fiddly to make, being so small. I started sewing long before I started knitting, but knitting has definitely taken over as my craft of choice. I still have a huge fabric stash that is over 10 years old, that I really need to get back to, especially with this book around.

I did get a picture sent to my phone one day of darling baby Ida wearing her bib. I was so happy to see it in use! The booties were, initially, way too big (which is hilarious, considering how tiny they looked to me), but by now they should either fit or be too small.



Blogger Kaye said...

Ooo! Damn cute!

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