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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MA Sheep and Wool!

Yup, it was the last sheep and wool fest of the spring! I've decided to skip Maine and Vermont and wait until Rhinebeck. If you saw the size of my stash lately, you'd agree that it's not a bad idea.

We saw some happy sheep:


some unhappy sheep:




And lots and lots of fiber!


Spunky Eclectic's booth!



The Wool Peddler's booth:





It was a nice day, but cooler than we thought it would be. On the way out, we took a turn down a dirt road and saw some cows:


Then we went and had some cow products:


This place is good! It's just down Rte. 9 a couple of miles west of the Fairgrounds. It's a grocery store/deli/ice cream place. It's kinda earthy-crunchy but has a decent selection of beer/wine/liquor, so it's for those partying types of earthy-crunchies. They make some pretty good sandwiches, and the ice cream is awesome.

Wanna see my loot?

Well, what I didn't tell you earlier is that we had gone to WEBS on the way to the Fairgrounds. After all, I did have a $50 gift certificate to spend. Here's my loot from WEBS:


Alpaca Sox by Classic Elite Yarns.


Kraemer Sterling Silk in Silver in Majestic Blue.


Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk dyed by Kangaroo Dyer in the Cornucopia colorway. I bought a pattern for this yarn, but I can't remember what it's called. It's in the Stash Hutch with the yarn, and I really can't go look for it right now. No. Believe me, you don't want me to open that door. It's a little bit frightening at the moment. But the shawl pattern is gorgeous; it's -- oh, fuck, you know what? I can probably find it on the website. It's the Rhea Lace Stole, but you know, it doesn't look like anything special on the website. We saw a sample knitted up with the 2/14 Alpaca Silk in a different colorway, and you know? It's pretty gorgeous. It doesn't look too difficult either; maybe if I ever finished up the Branching Out scarf that I started last [cough] September [cough], I can do some other lace projects.

Here's my loot from the Sheep and Wool Fest:


Ball & Skein/Knitspot Arequipa yarn in a peach colorway, with the pattern for Gust. This was a pressie from ZMrK.


Spunky Eclectic - 4 oz wool in Pink Lemonade.


More Spunky! 4 oz superwash corriedale in Tahiti Bikini.


From The Wool Peddler: 7.8 oz wool top in "Fresh Air"


Also from the Wool Peddler: 8.4 oz. wool top in "Fiery Kiss"


I don't know if this is boring or not. This one vendor had 4 oz skeins of undyed sport weight yarn for $2.50 a skein, so I couldn't resist buying two so ZMrK and I could play with some dyeing projects. I should have bought four, right?

Not pictured, but I also bought a $4 spindle from A Touch of Twist, and I've used it too.

I've got lots of knitting and spinning to do before the 3rd week in October, which is when I next hope to replenish.

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Blogger Bezzie said...

Wow lady you scored some nice stuff on this trifecta of festivals!!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Sssarahevt said...

Yep, I went too, and we missed meeting by a couple barns! I did see you and ZMrK while I was on my way to the car to drop off my haul from the Wool Peddler, but couldn't find you when I got back. And I too went to Webs, but after. I'll post my finds soon...
Bummer on the missed meeting!!!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Eileen said...

Oh, gorgeous! I *love* the peach colorway...looks like you had fun.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Criosa said...

glad to see you broke up that orange streak at the festival with the blue.

(actually, depending on the day, it looks like what I would have bought. downside being that as much as I love orangy/firey colors, I really don't wear/use them.)

11:08 AM  

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