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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Falling Waters Lace Scarf (March/April 2011)

A new yarn shop opened near me in March! JP Knit and Stitch is a knitting and sewing shop, offering not just products but classes, work spaces, and sewing machines for in-shop use.

I stopped in there a couple of weeks after it opened and purchased some -- what else? -- cashmere.


It's fingering weight cashmere by Bashful Yarns. I figured it was the perfect match for Falling Water, a pattern I had printed in 2006 and thought then it was SO FAR AHEAD of my skills set. It was, then. Now, not so much.



This was such a beautiful -- and fast! -- knit. It took me under a month to knit this. It's not a huge scarf -- I forget what my finished measurements are, and if I were to try to measure it now I would need to block it again. It's perfect for Spring. I should try to track now more of that colorway and make matching mitts for it; if I remember correctly, the yarn wasn't terribly expensive ($28 for 400 yards of cashmere).

I recommend both the yarn and the pattern.



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