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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sarena Cashmere Cowl (February 2011)

One Sunday, at my knitting group, Alice had some stash to give away -- stuff she decided wasn't quite her colors or that she would never use. She thought, specifically, that three skeins of Mountain Colors Cashmere was in particular, "Andrea colors".

Three skeins.
For me.

Exactly one week later I cast on for the Sarena Cashmere Cowl in the Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders book. Less than two weeks later I had a lovely new cowl:


That's not my neck. My neck is not that freakishly long; I had just put a styrofoam head on top of my dress form -- again with the sewing! I even have a dress form! -- so I could get a good photo of this.


I like the little vaggy-looking drop stitches.


Pom poms! Yes, I wear something with pom poms!

This have proven to be a very practical item, as I have been wearing it quite a bit lately. The yarn is so, so soft (again, CASHMERE!) and it's so perfect for when the weather starts to turn cool. It's a great pattern for if you ever need to whip up a gift in a hurry and you happen to have some super-soft yarn laying around.



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