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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lace on a Train (June/July 2011)

Mmmmmmmmalabrigo lace.

After frogging my ill-fated Featherweight Cardigan (yeah, I frogged it after being fairly close to done with it. I wasn't digging the two colors and I had messed up something somewhere while knitting it that I don't even remember now but let's not talk about that, okay?), I had three wound balls of Malabrigo lace weight, two in the Forest (I think) colorway and one in the Lettuce (I'm certain) colorway.


I wanted to try to get some lace knitting mojo going (especially after frogging my Swallowtail Shawl), and remembered that an old issue of Interweave Knits had included a little booklet on scarf knitting. This booklet had three scarf patterns by Ann Budd, called A Scarf of Your Very Own. I chose the leaf pattern scarf to work on, thinking it would be a nice, lightweight project for the hot summer months.


It ended up being such an easy knit that I knit most of it either on my train commute, or in a car on the way to and from nature walks (don't worry, I was not the driver).

I also realized that the only photo I have of it on Flickr is the close-up above, taken while stuck in traffic on the home from of Rhinebeck. I have a couple of other photos on my project page, but those appear to have been taken with my cell phone and emailed to myself, unless...

Ah, I see. I have all of the photos I send directly to Flickr from my phone tagged with "Phone", so I was just able to find a crappy phone shot of it while it was a WIP:


It's good that I did that, because otherwise I wouldn't know that I had photos like this one:

Multimedia message

Someone was doing a promotion in Boston, and had these big daisy windmills installed outside the building I work in (which is in the background).

I also discovered I had taken a photo of Lizzie Borden's pets' gravestone:

Multimedia message

as well as the Deathwish Piano Movers truck:


Isn't it fun strolling through my flickr photostream with me? I should do a blogpost simply by going through random pages and picking the first photo that jumps out at me. Of course, if one of said photos turns out to be a snake, I could get someone bitching and moaning about how it needs a trigger warning or some such shit. Ah, well, fuck 'em. SCREW YOU GUYS I DO WHAT A WANT!

I think I may have had too much tea already today.



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