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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Coming Soon!!!!

Coming this Fall. . .


No, I'm not pregnant!!! My niece is. Do you know what that means?

I'm going to be a great-auntie!!!!

I mean, I'm already a great auntie. Now I'll have the title of Great Auntie Zanti. I'll be a great Great Auntie!

But coming much, much sooner than that:


Thanks to Pam at Lick My Sticks (another Masshole!) for making this cool-ass button!


Anonymous cathy said...

It's not nice to scare people like that before they've had their coffee :P

I'm sure you'll make a great Great Aunt :)

9:32 AM  
Blogger karmellah said...

Wookie at it arms. Tee hee. i'm all giggley and excited. Man, (s)he sure has Kara's big old head ;) Have fun pushing that out, Kara.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

Oh my GOD, my heart stopped for a second.

I'm okay now.

9:37 AM  

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